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Gold Coast & Hinterland Restaurants

While the Gold Coast and Hinterlands are a short drive away from each other, these two areas of South Eastern Queensland are really worlds apart as far as atmosphere and cuisine are concerned.

Restaurants on the Gold Coast

When most of us think about the Gold Coast, we think of Surfers Paradise. And that’s good - it shows we have been paying attention - it’s Australia’s most iconic coastal tourist destination. Like the ‘fun in the sun’ vibe that Surfers Paradise represents, the restaurants on the Gold Coast are all about big flavours in a low-key environment. Not many people are looking for a reason to don a tuxedo on the Gold Coast. There is always that option, but the general feeling around here is that if you can sit down to a first class meal in your shorts and thongs, then why the heck wouldn’t you?

Unsurprisingly, seafood is featured heavily in Gold Coast Restaurants. Many of the restaurants are so close to the ocean that it wouldn’t be shocking to see chefs reeling in snapper and pulling lobster pots in through the kitchen window. 

Don’t worry meat-eaters; there are also plenty of places serving grain-fed beef, free-range chicken, or even kangaroo and crocodile if your palate runs to it. Whether it’s seasoned lamb patties slapped between hamburger buns with relish, or a premium sirloin balanced delicately on a tower of kipfler potatoes and grilled asparagus - Gold Coast restaurants do meat right.

Restaurants in the Hinterlands

A short drive inland from the Gold Coast is the Hinterlands - and what a breathtakingly picturesque change of pace it is.

Entering the Hinterlands from the Gold Coast, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’d crossed a border. Gone are the beachside eateries - the majority of restaurants in this area are nestled in amongst the mountain ranges and bordering on vineyards and the grounds of produce growers. 

There is nowhere better than the Hinterlands to sip a chilled wine, beer or cider (or slurp it if you prefer, we’re not here to judge) and sit back in a restaurant enjoying fresh food that was probably grown a stone’s throw away. Wineries, repurposed historical buildings, deconsecrated churches, wherever there is a roof in the Hinterlands, there is probably a restaurant.

While you’re visiting one of these restaurants, be sure to check if there is a produce store nearby. Odds are there will be, and you can pick up some amazing local cheese, olives, honey, or, (dare we mention them again?) wine, beer and cider.

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About restaurants in Gold Coast & Hinterland

Gold Coast & Hinterland, QLD has 366 restaurants catering for most palates, with 121 Modern Australian, 56 Seafood or 42 Italian restaurants. Gold Coast & Hinterland offers a great range of restaurants for Fine dining, Families and Special occasion.

So go ahead, start planning your dining experience by booking instantly at one of our 126 bookable restaurants in Gold Coast & Hinterland.