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St Kilda

Being just outside the CBD of Melbourne is something that really works in St Kilda’s favour.

Essentially this is a fringe suburb at it’s best - close enough to all the action to get the benefit of celebrity chefs and the tourist dollar, while still being far away from the business district where people wear suits all day. 

Known as a seaside playground for much of its history, when the streets of Melbourne seem empty, it’s probably because everyone has hopped on a tram and gone to St Kilda.

St Kilda from rock to rock pool 

St Kilda has a bohemian heart and an artistic culture that definitely extends to its food.

More than any other Melbourne restaurants, there are many distinct niches in the cuisine world of St Kilda. It’s definitely the place to go for a change of scene.

The main streets for food and drink are Acland Street and Fitzroy Street, home to the Esplanade Hotel. Affectionately known as ‘The Espy’, this famous rock haunt is a great place to wash down some pub classics like a chicken schnitzel with a pint or two. The likelihood of you running into a local band, or even an international one, is quite high.

Along Acland Street are a host of cafés where you can recline on anything from an over-stuffed leather chair, to a bean bag, to an upturned milk crate, while you sip on single-origin coffee and nibble on anything from continental pastries to vegan cheese and bacon burgers. 

Yes veganism and vegetarianism are big in St Kilda and puns in restaurant names are reaching almost Thai restaurant proportions. Keep an eye out for them and have a bit of a chuckle.

And what would any respectable beachside town be without beach cafés and restaurants? St Kilda has its share, and they serve up delectable Australian modern cuisine in an atmosphere that is all at once laid back, effortlessly trendy, and world class in every detail. These are the sort of places where you are not surprised if you see celebrities hiding behind sunglasses on a lazy afternoon or as the sun sets over the water.

Of course, there are also dozens of restaurants specialising in cuisine from all over the world - it’s very easy to pick up a kebab, a gourmet pizza, or a quick stir-fry in St Kilda. Urban legend has it that Melbourne’s first Italian restaurant, Leo’s Spaghetti Bar and Gelataria opened here, in 1956, starting a love of Italian food and desserts that continues to thrive.

If you’d like some help navigating the Melbourne city restaurants in St Kilda check out some reviews and ratings on Dimmi - you can also take a look at the menu and some pictures of the décor to make sure it’s your cup of fair trade tea. For a St Kilda experience outside of St Kilda, take a look at some vegetarian restaurants in and around the rest of Melbourne.

About restaurants in St Kilda

St Kilda, VIC has 83 restaurants catering for most palates, with 23 Modern Australian, 21 Italian or 9 Cafe restaurants. St Kilda offers a great range of restaurants for Neighbourhood gem, Parties & groups and Romance/First date.

So go ahead, start planning your dining experience by booking instantly at one of our 31 bookable restaurants in St Kilda.