About Wild Duck Fine Asian Cuisine

Land of the Lotus eaters Painted panels, pendant lights and Asian-inspired wall art combine to make Wild Duck Canberra a delightful restaurant to visit – just for the décor. The crisp white tablecloths subtly say: “You’re here for a fine dining experience.” A great place for lunch or dinner, you could also plan ahead for major Chinese cultural celebrations that Wild Duck turn into a great occasion. While you could order from the standard menu, the banquets are gold standard and can be selected for two, four or more diners. Try the lamb shank in golden sand or the bi feng tang ocean trout with wild mushrooms, duck breast and Asian vegetables. Asian restaurants aren’t usually noted for their desserts, but Wild Duck combines the best of both worlds. Try their unusual banana split that they say comes with a twist; it boasts a bitter chocolate glaze, lotus seeds on rum and almond crumble and is served with raspberry sorbet. Best dish: pork bell in lotus leaf cooked with three kinds of soy sauce, rock sugar and mixed spices then wrapped in Lotus leaves and served with sticky rice

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