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One metre pizza for one please... Via Napoli Pizzeria offers a unique Neapolitan dining experience in Sydney’s Lane Cove. Owners, Luigi and Sonia Esposito, have had a wealth of experience in restaurants and are expert pizzaioli’s – or pizza makers. Their glorious (somewhat chaotic) restaurant is always chock-a-block full of customers, all waiting in anticipation for their tasty, doughy, cheesy pizza. There are eighteen different types on offer – and don’t even bother looking for ham and pineapple – these bad boys are the real deal. The Siciliana is a crowd favourite: thin slices of charred eggplant embedded in gooey mozzarella and a rich tomato sauce. If you’re coming with a big group (or you're super hungry) go for the one metre pizza ($40-$60) which can have up to three different toppings. Escape to little Italy for a night with Via Napoli. Best Dish: quattro formaggi pizza

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