About The Graham

What can we say? The Graham Hotel is housed in an immaculate building, charming and moodily lit. It’s a Port Melbourne favourite, dishing up food of exceptional quality. In winter, the open fire warms the house, and in summer, the cool white walls create a soothing ambience. Order some tapas to share at the bar, or go in for a hearty meal from their sophisticated a la carte menu that boasts flavours from around the world. They have some really impressive specialities, like the aromatic mud crab broth: a soup medley of picked crab, flounder, scallop and Frenchy mussel. And then there’s the pan seared duck breast with Chinese-style crispy legs doused in peach and sesame. The Graham is much loved not just for their standard menu but for their degustation menu which brings loyal fans and curious newbies in from all directions. Here, delightful seafood makes another appearance, and expertly cooked meats are the guest stars. There really is too much to say about this place! Save our breath, try it for yourself. Best dish: the John Dory

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