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Grecophilics anonymous This stylish restaurant has become a much-loved favourite in MooneePonds. With its sleek and elegant interior and impeccable service, dining out could never be a better experience. Philhellene Provincial Greek Cuisine brings traditional Greek cooking to the ´burbs of Melbourne – but with a Middle Eastern twist. Here, the influence of flavours from places such as Turkey and Egypt are more pronounced, giving the fare at Philhellene a touch of the exotic. Thought you knew Greek food? At Philhellene, there´s always something new to try, from delicately prepared mezze (Greek finger food) to mouth-watering baked goods. At Philhellene, you´re sure to find an authentic delight straight from the provinces of Greece. Get your fill of Mediterranean-style seafood like grilled octopus and lemon-dressed calamari, and incredible meats like sausages, meatballs and souvlakia. And for some truly authentic dessert, go for the halva ice cream: a unique treat based on the dense nut-based dessert. Watch out, you´ll be a Grecophile by the time Philhellene is through with you! Best dish: halva ice cream

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