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A healthy dose of fantasy What would happen if a fairy tale cottage and a suburban take-away joint made a baby? Well, it would probably look like Kon Thai Restaurant, a strangely adorable restaurant in the heart of Frankston. Kon Thai is a long-time favourite of the locals, and not just for its interesting exterior. Inside, the place is decked out as warm and cosy as an ewok tree house. You´ve got the choice between tradition Thai-style seating at low tables (neat!), or intimate Western tables and chairs. If you´re after something really authentic, then you´ve come to the right place. The chef and owner team Peter and Kittisuda have both spent time restaurant-ing in Thailand, with knowledge of the traditional recipes and cooking techniques. These veteran chefs also whip up their own unique dishes, which prove popular with the locals, especially their mouth-watering chilli crab specialty. A lesser-known favourite of Thai food is the traditional salad: a delicious combination of hot meat with cool and crispy greenery, fresh herbs and sweet and chilli flavours. Kon Thai is not just any Thai restaurant; it´s a dream for lovers of Thai food! Best dish: chilli crab

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