+- How does Dimmi generate bookings for my restaurant?

Dimmi has partnered with the Australia's leading restaurant guides to create Australia's largest restaurant Booking Network. As your marketing partner, we promote you to over 1.2 million people searching for restaurants each month. The net result for you is more confirmed bookings.

"Taking reservations online means my staff aren't tied up on the phone when they should be serving customers."

Sepia Restaurant, Sydney

+- Who else is participating?

Some of Dimmi's renowned partners include:

  • NSW: Three Blue Ducks (SMH Good Café Guide Best Café 2011) and Sepia (Three Hats, SMH Good Food Guide 2012, Citi Bank Restaurant of the Year 2012)
  • VIC: Jacques Reymond (Three Hats, The Age Good Food Guide 2012) and Flower Drum (Two Hats, The Age Good Food Guide 2012)
  • QLD: Urbane (Two Hats, Queensland Good Food Guide 2012)
  • SA: Celsius (One Star, Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide 2012) and Jolleys Boathouse (One Star, Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide 2012)
  • WA: 1907 and The Quarter
  • ACT: Restaurant 2602


+- What is an Online Reservation Diary?

We provide our partner restaurants with an Online Reservation Diary. It's simple, it's quick to learn, and it's customised to suit your restaurant. The key advantages of using an ORD include being able to accept bookings 24/7, improved efficiencies and cost savings, automated customer database builder, reporting capabilities, and an automated no-show management feature.

+- What happens if a customer tries to book online and we are full?

If your restaurant is full at the requested time, Dimmi will automatically offer the customer alternative times. If there is no availability on the chosen date, we provide the customer with your telephone number to contact you directly so you never lose a booking.

+- How does the Online Diary know our table configurations?

We understand that every restaurant is different, so we allocate you a dedicated Account Manager who will spend time with you and your team to customise the Online Diary to suit your Restaurant. This includes everything from table numbers, table rankings, table joins, services, reports, etc.

+- How does Dimmi differ from other online booking services?

Unlike other "online" booking systems that have saturated the market, Dimmi's proposition is truly different. We don't send restaurants more email enquiries or telephone hassle - we generate confirmed, real-time bookings. We live in an "instant world", and diners want the convenience of being able to make reservations when it suits them.

+- Do we need special equipment to participate?

No. Dimmi has developed one of the world's first completely web-based systems. All you need to participate is a laptop or computer and an internet connection ... and away you go. This allows you to focus on running the restaurant, while we take care of your technology requirements.

+- How does Dimmi know if we have availability?

The Dimmi booking gadget synchronises with your Online Reservation Diary in real time so it always knows if you have availability at the requested date and time. This now allows you to accept bookings while you sleep or during peak service period.

+- Can we block out certain times or days for private events?

Yes. The Online Reservation Diary is simple to use and can easily block out certain days/time or even areas with one click of a button. The customer will then be prompted to contact the restaurant directly for enquiries during this period.

+- Can I also put the Dimmi gadget on my own website?

Yes. Restaurants lose a significant number of bookings every day. A staggering 66% of reservations are made during peak service periods and after hours, so think of this as a safety net that protects you from lost bookings.

+- What happens if a customer tries to make a group booking?

Simple. When we customise the Online Reservation Diary to suit your restaurant, simply let us know the maximum group booking size that you wish to accept. Customers trying to make a booking for groups larger than this will be provided with your telephone number and encouraged to contact you direct to discuss specific requirements.

+- Are there any hidden costs?

No, we only charge a flat $25 monthly fee and all bookings you receive are performance based which means you only pay for real diners.

+- How long are we committed to be in the program?

The agreement is for a 12-month period.

+- Who can access the Online Diary?

Your Online Reservation Diary is password protected so it is totally at your discretion who has access rights. One of the key advantages is that the Reservation Diary is completely web based which means that you can access your reservations from home, office or from anywhere around the world.

+- Is there training to teach my team on how to get started?

Yes. Our Online Reservation Diary is one of the easiest in the world to use so training is pretty simple. Once on board, your dedicated Account Manager will train you and your team on how to use the system and get you up and running to accept real-time bookings.

+- My staff won’t cope with a computerised diary?

It's really simple! If your staff can use a point-of-sale system or send emails then they will have no problem using the Online Reservation Diary. Your dedicated Account Manager will make sure that all staff required to use the system are fully trained, and will make sure that everyone is completely competent in using the system before going live.

+- What is the difference between real-time bookings and email enquiries?

Dimmi takes away the hassle of replying to emails saving a lot of time and of course money. Customers can make online bookings when you are asleep, closed, and you're at your busiest. 65% of customers trying to book restaurants do so during peak service and after hours. Dimmi makes sure that you never miss another booking.

+- Are the customers details added to my database?

Yes. We understand that customer databases are difficult to build and a nightmare to maintain so we have developed a simple solution for you. The detail of every Dimmi booking is automatically recorded in your very own database. Send email campaigns, keep in touch and build a database of those most important to you - your previous diners.

+- Why are reviews important?

Reviews are important because they allow transparency between your restaurant and your customers. They enable trust to be placed in your business and help customers make informed decisions.

With Dimmi Plus, you also have the option to respond to diner reviews that have been left on your Dimmi listing. Click here to read more.

+- How are Dimmi reviews different from other websites?

Dimmi reviews can only be left by diners who have booked through Dimmi and gone on to dine at the restaurant. By allowing only actual diners to leave ratings and reviews, we ensure our reviews are the most informative and real in the market.

Click here to read more on how to respond to diner reviews (available for Dimmi Plus subscribers).

+- How long are reviews available for on your website?

Reviews are displayed on our website for a period of 12 months from the date that they are posted.

+- What should I do if I receive a negative review from a diner?

Every restaurant will receive these from time to time, whether on the Dimmi site or elsewhere online:

1. Where there's smoke, there's fire. We recommend that you do not neglect negative reviews. Instead, consider these as an opportunity for continuous improvement.

2. Contact the diner directly to resolve the differences. You will be able to locate the customer's contact details by logging in to your Online Reservation Diary or by looking through your inbox for the relevant Dimmi booking confirmations.

3. Allow time for other reviews to push the review down and off the page. The most recent reviews will be read most frequently. Expedite this by reminding diners who have booked online about the option to provide feedback via Dimmi.

4. While we do filter for illegal language continuously, please inform us if you come across any reviews that have not correctly been identified by our filter.

5. Understand that on the internet, a small number of users will always hide behind anonymity to make injudicious remarks. We do what we can to minimize this by providing a strong Facebook connection option which incentivizes diners to state openly who they are.

6. If you are using Dimmi Plus you'll be able to respond to the diner publicly on your listing or privately to the diner (or both). We have an article by Ken Burgin which goes into detail on how best to respond to your reviews for reference here.

+- Can a restaurant or false diner publish unauthenticated reviews?

No, only customers who have booked through Dimmi are prompted to submit a review.

+- What should I do if I see a review that is inappropriate or offensive?

Dimmi reviews are checked prior to publishing however if you still feel a review contains inappropriate or offensive language, please email us at reviewfeedback@dimmi.com.au giving us a link to the review in question and we will check again.

+- If I sell my restaurant, what should I do?

If you are selling your restaurant, the first thing you have to do is inform us about it. This way we will be able to update your business' information on our website. What you also need to do is handle all your future bookings and inform your customers about the changes that will be taking place.