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Dimmi brings together a host of benefits for restaurants all in one place. We create a partnership especially designed to grow your business. Dimmi has an appetite for helping diners make the most of every experience. And the only way to do that is to tap into the true potential of digital media to become much more than just a booking website. Dimmi taps into millions of experiences, shares them, learns from them and interprets them to make the industry better, and individual experiences better. It's not about Dimmi. It's about making the industry better, so that we can make your experiences better. That's why we want you to contribute your experiences, not so that people can scroll through them, but so it goes into helping us make the right suggestion. That's why as a restaurant owner you can learn about your business and improve upon it. That's why you can market your business. And why we make it easier for you to book. Dimmi believes, everyone makes everyone smarter.


"Dimmi has introduced a whole new group of diners to us."
Catalina, Sydney

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