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Chao Ba - Chatswood


Paul dined on Mon, 10th Dec 2018 (9)

Excellent restaurant with consistently great food. The service was not as attentive as I would have liked, but the food was great - you win some, you lose some.

Munich Brauhaus The Rocks

The Rocks

Paul dined on Wed, 7th Nov 2018 (5)

Firstly, I came home with an upset stomach. This could have been either the food or the drink, so I won't speculate on which it was. The portions on the Brauhaus platter were plentiful - two grown men could not finish it. The pork knuckle and pork belly were actually very delicious. The schnitzel tasted like it was reheated. My mango weissbier was lukewarm.

Mordeo Bistro & Bar

Sydney CBD

Paul dined on Fri, 9th Mar 2018 (9)

Great restaurant - the risotto was one of the best I've had. Service could be a bit more attentive but the food somewhat made up for it.

Bistro On3


Paul dined on Thu, 11th Jan 2018 (7)

The service was lovely - everyone was attentive. The quality of food was adequate but not amazing (particularly for the price). I understand the purpose of the space is also for breakfast buffets at the hotel, but the layout and the dark areas where the buffet stands give the feel of being in a cluttered storage space. The white fluorescent lighting also didn't help the atmosphere.

Deckhouse Woolwich


Paul dined on Wed, 6th Sep 2017 (9)

As always, great experience and amazing views. It was a great birthday celebration.

Customs House Bar

Sydney CBD

Paul dined on Wed, 2nd Aug 2017 (10)

Excellent service. The order was placed incorrectly and instead of being annoyed about me complaining about it, it was handled professionally and very apologetically. I definitely will come back for the amazing short rib burger and parmesan fries.

Teta's Authentic Lebanese


Paul dined on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 (10)

Amazing food, great service, excellent value. I cannot rate Teta's highly enough.

The Governors Kitchen

Sydney CBD

Paul dined on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 (10)

As always, The Governors Table delivers. The entire dinner experience was absolutely top-notch. Service was genuine (albeit somewhat real and unpretentious), and the food was just superb.

El-Phoenician Parramatta


Paul dined on Tue, 28th Mar 2017 (9)

I have been to El-Phoenician many times. The previous time had some disappointments but the way that management handled my query was outstanding. When I returned tonight I was not disappointed - food was delicious, service was attentive and friendly and the whole experience was impeccable. Thanks for restoring my faith in hospitality, El-Phoenician!

Not Bread Alone

Crows Nest

Paul dined on Wed, 8th Feb 2017 (9)

Excellent food as always!

El-Phoenician Parramatta


Paul dined on Fri, 25th Nov 2016 (7)

I've always loved El-Phoenician. However, last night proved to be disappointing. The service was rushed and we constantly felt like we were in the waiters' way. The restaurant itself was loud and while it was very much a party atmosphere, it made catching up with friends very difficult. Plus, the portions seem to be less economical than previous visits. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll be back.

Chefs Gallery Parramatta


Paul dined on Sun, 21st Aug 2016 (7)

Overall the dishes were very salty even by Chinese standards... needed a lot of water to balance it out. Tasty, but salty.

Not Bread Alone

Crows Nest

Paul dined on Sun, 10th Jul 2016 (8)

The basic eggs on toast was done well, and the coffee was really good. The service was attentive but could have anticipated a bit more. I'd go back again, for sure!

El-Phoenician Walsh Bay

Millers Point

Paul dined on Fri, 3rd Jul 2015 (10)

As always, fantastic food and service. Absolutely no complaints.

La Beirut Killara


Paul dined on Mon, 15th Jun 2015 (10)

What a wonderful restaurant. Lebanese food is great anyway, and La Beirut delivers it to another level. Had a wonderful meal with excellent service. Will be back again.

Criniti's Castle Hill

Castle Hill

Paul dined on Tue, 12th May 2015 (8)

Food was good, service was good - would come back again!

Chefs Gallery Townhall

Sydney CBD

Paul dined on Sun, 10th May 2015 (8)

Always great food, albeit pricey - definitely get what you pay for though.

Essen Restaurant


Paul dined on Thu, 7th May 2015 (7)

The food was nice, but the service left a lot to be desired. We waited at the door to be seated for about 5 minutes - with no acknowledgement from the staff. We had to get two people's attention before we got seated. Once seated and we ordered (which then was relatively smooth), the food took a remarkably long time to come out. Other tables had their food delivered when they came and ordered after us. Once the food was on the table, the rest of the experience was good. The night however was tainted by the first few minutes of us arriving.

Deckhouse Woolwich


Paul dined on Sun, 3rd May 2015 (6)

Unfortunately, this was not the best experience I've had at the Deckhouse. We had to make the reservation earlier because we were going to have to vacate the table for lunch service at 11:30am, which we accepted (somewhat begrudgingly, as this is right in the middle of breakfast/brunch time). However, when we tried to order another item from the breakfast menu at 11am, we were told that the kitchen for breakfast had closed. 11am! Someone did say that she will check for us, but she never came back and we were left wondering if we could still order. Of course we then gave up and decided to pay and leave. I can't say it left a very good taste (both figuratively and literally - the food was fine but wasn't spectacular) when we left.

Bella Blue Cafe


Paul dined on Sat, 2nd May 2015 (8)

A lovely cafe. I was (and am still) surprised that there weren't more people there. Service was attentive and courteous. It should be packed on the weekend!

The Governors Kitchen

Sydney CBD

Paul dined on Tue, 28th Apr 2015 (9)

Living in Sydney, great food and great service should surely be a prerequisite for any restaurant - they are surprisingly still difficult to come by. We were pleasantly surprised by the caliber of our whole dining experience last night - the food was exquisite, and service was closely attentive and friendly. I would recommend the restaurant to anyone.

The Botanist Kirribilli


Paul dined on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 (9)

Always a great experience at the Botanist. Amazing food!

Mumu Grill

Crows Nest

Paul dined on Fri, 14th Nov 2014 (7)

Food was good, service was interesting - courteous enough but there was much confusion throughout the meal. Firstly, we ordered entrees but the mains came out first. Then we were brought a second round of drinks including a wine that we did not request for. Every time the waiter brought something out they seemed puzzled as to who has ordered the dish. We got a few dishes for free because of the entrees situation - so can't complain and it was terrible, just a bit confusing!

Spanish Tapas


Paul dined on Sat, 25th Oct 2014 (7)

Good restaurant, not spectacular though. The service was great and very friendly, but there seemed to be some issues with the logistics of the order taking process - we received double orders for some dishes and had to ask for others that didn't arrive.

Bah-BQ Brazilian Grill

Crows Nest

Paul dined on Wed, 1st Oct 2014 (7)

Food was great but service left a bit to be desired. Many times we requested for something (water, additional salad etc.), was acknowledged but they never came.

Junk Lounge

The Rocks

Paul dined on Thu, 12th Jun 2014 (9)

Great views and impressive food. A very memorable night.

Chefs Gallery Townhall

Sydney CBD

Paul dined on Tue, 4th Feb 2014 (10)

Great experience. Food was phenomenal. The restaurant was a tad noisy and manic, but that should be the case for any good Asian restaurant.

Gochiso Japanese Restaurant


Paul dined on Sat, 16th Nov 2013 (5)

Unfortunately, not the best experience I've had. The service was poor, food was greasy and expensive, and the atmosphere was loud and busy. It was like a family kitchen serving fine-dining meal in a takeaway shop.



Paul dined on Sat, 31st Aug 2013 (10)

One of the best restaurants I have been to - value for money, service, quality etc. have all contributed to me returning multiple times.

Taiki Japanese Restaurant

Lane Cove

Paul dined on Fri, 21st Jun 2013 (7)

The food was good and authentic, but we were surprised at the prices.



Paul dined on Sun, 31st Mar 2013 (10)

Always impressive, Waqu. Have been a regular customer for quite a while now and never have I been disappointed. Thank you for a wonderful meal.

Aqua Dining

Milsons Point

Paul dined on Mon, 25th Mar 2013 (9)

Fantastic service and remarkable food. The price tag was worth it!

Level Fourteen

Sydney CBD

Paul dined on Sat, 12th Jan 2013 (7)

It was a pleasant experience at LevelFourteen, but it was not outstanding. The view was remarkable, however, and it is worth a high tea to see.


Neutral Bay

Paul dined on Fri, 7th Sep 2012 (8)

Great restaurant. Will be back, for sure.

Thyme Square Cafe


Paul dined on Wed, 6th Jun 2012 (6)

It was an OK experience for me. It wasn't bad, nor was it spectacular. Food was ok, service was ok, atmosphere was ok. I wouldn't scramble to return.

Homers Cafe Eastwood


Paul dined on Sat, 26th May 2012 (3)

Unfortunately, if a cafe nowadays does not deliver remarkable food or service, it can be seen as substandard - purely because there are better alternatives to choose from. This is one of those cases - everything was just average. Unfortunately, I will not be back.

Acacia Dining


Paul dined on Sun, 20th May 2012 (9)

New discovery - adequately impressive!

Himalayan Char Grill Crows Nest

Crows Nest

Paul dined on Sat, 19th May 2012 (9)

I'm a regular at Himalayan Char Grill in Crows Nest. They always deliver with remarkably good food. Of course I will be back again.

Emperor's Table

North Ryde

Paul dined on Wed, 21st Dec 2011 (7)

We always enjoy coming to Emperor's Table for lunch during work. The food is authentic and genuine, and (most) staff are friendly. The only let-down is the frequency of service and attention received - often we would have to look around trying to get someone's attention.

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