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Taxi Kitchen

Melbourne CBD

Thai dined on Sun, 24th Jun 2018 (7)

The entree was perfect- beautiful shusimi. The bread at the start provided by the restaurant was not great, very hard bread - asked for balsamic with olive oil - the restaurant did not have (was surprised- such a fine restaurant but didn’t have balsamic with olive oil for such hard bread). We dine alot to different restaurant, and they would provide balsamic with olive oil with this kind of bread. Anyway, move on to the main- the salmon fish was cooked perfectly, but the vegetables go with it did not go well with it (a bit salty). My husband had the steak- it was cooked perfectly too but lost the beef smell to it (maybe it was marinated or the sauce was too strong- which took away the taste of beef). The desert was nice- it was the Taxi specialty (1st choice). Overall, the environment was nice, but the music could be more romantic (softer music).

The Railway Club Hotel

Port Melbourne

Thai dined on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 (9)

Great steak! Good service, good times.

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