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Melbourne CBD

Denise dined on Fri, 17th Aug 2018 (9)

great place! would be happy to come back for sure!

Portello Rosso

Melbourne CBD

Denise dined on Fri, 13th Jul 2018 (9)

Great food, great service, thank you!

Osteria Ilaria

Melbourne CBD

Denise dined on Fri, 22nd Jun 2018 (9)

excellent food!

Lee Ho Fook

Melbourne CBD

Denise dined on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 (9)

I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of food.. taste of the dishes is very clear, and very clean. food is delicious and light. the overall style is not too Chinese, delicately adapted for a more general audience. prices are very reasonable.



Denise dined on Sun, 6th Aug 2017 (8)

great selection of food! all delicious, in managable serving sizes! great service too! love it!

Seoulja Boy

Melbourne CBD

Denise dined on Wed, 26th Jul 2017 (6)

service is ok, food is average...

400 Gradi - Brunswick

Brunswick East

Denise dined on Wed, 5th Jul 2017 (7)

food quality is not as nice as I remember from the last time I was there, which might be about a year ago. service staff mostly seem Italian speaking - which is a nice touch for a pizzeria, but they don't seem to be very good at it, i.e. they are students, backpackers etc. who are not professional waiters.

400 Gradi - Brunswick

Brunswick East

Denise dined on Sun, 5th Mar 2017 (10)

Fresh ingredients with lovely balance. Great quality food!

Rockpool at Alfred Place

Melbourne CBD

Denise dined on Sat, 4th Mar 2017 (5)

Pizza was nice on a previous occasion I was here. pasta's very average. by which I mean I'll never be ordering pasta from here again... A particular wine I had, by the glass, tasted "funny". service was great with some staff members, bad with others.



Denise dined on Fri, 3rd Mar 2017 (10)

Food is amazing! Note the portion size is very generous. I can see why the restaurant is so popular, though that means early booking is necessary. Also it was a bit loud in the dining room, hard to have a proper conversation.

Bistro Gitan

South Yarra

Denise dined on Sat, 19th Nov 2016 (9)

Food is exceptional! particularly loved the fish dishes.