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South Wharf Meat Market

South Wharf

Steven dined on Tue, 17th Jul 2018 (5)

Booking for 8 people with a half filled resturant on a Tuesday night. Only 2 wait staff working including manager. Ordered food fine from what seemed to be the manager for the night who had zero interest in working from what we could see. All our steaks and mains arrived but only 1 set of sides for 1 person. Was told other sides are coming 5-6 mins for the other 2 people waiting on sides. By the times the sides arrived we had finished the mains already so ate sides by themselves. Then decided to order desert and ordered 2 cheese cakes and 3 foundants, cheesecakes came out and was not a smooth silky texture and was really grainy/lumpy. 1st foundant came out and was told other 2 had collaps so had to wait another 5-6 mins. 2nd one came out and was told 3rd one had collaps and had to wait another 5-6 mins. 5-6 mins passed and was told it collaps again... and another 5-6 mins wait... told the wait staff to just cancel it and don’t bother as everyone was done already and that was 4 failed foundants... also ordered a couple drinks twice before they came out and some Didint even come out at all. Was told that the foundants would be removed from the bill. Bill arrived and foundants where still on the bill. Asked again and then they were removed. Overall food wise was decent and price was good considering it was 50% off via dimmis if it was full price not worth it. Service manager really need to smile abit. And chef needs to learn how to bake a damn foundant!!

Red Spice Road

Melbourne CBD

Steven dined on Thu, 21st Jun 2018 (8)

Great cocktails


Surry Hills

Steven dined on Mon, 12th Mar 2018 (10)

Great food and service!

Ten Minutes by Tractor

Main Ridge

Steven dined on Fri, 1st Sep 2017 (10)

Beautiful restaurant and amazing food with great service and one of the best Gin selections we have seen.

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