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The Eatery


Richard dined on Fri, 5th May 2017 (2)

Not much choice aside from a Vietnamese rice paper roll mostly vegetable and one meat two plain soups to which one has to add some vegetable ingredients and some warm Asian dishes that were rather bland. Promotional pictures displayed sate sticks which was not available and other items that were not available either.

Cav's Steakhouse


Richard dined on Thu, 23rd Feb 2017 (8)

We first visited this establishment last week for lunch and enjoyed it so we did a return visit for dinner with some friends from the Sunshine State.

Verve Cafe

Brisbane CBD

Richard dined on Fri, 27th Jan 2017 (6)

Found the place too NOISY and uncomfortable We had one waitress that pleasantly took our order but the delivery was handled by another waitress who would have been more at home on an athletic field practicing the discuss throw. The way she delivered the plate it was just dropped instead of the plate being placed. She did it to all five main course dishes.



Richard dined on Thu, 1st Dec 2016 (6)

Waiters (food) did not come to take the order whilst the drink waiters were very prompt giving me the impression that they were more interested in serving the alcohol. I had to ask for a food waiter twice. The restaurant was very noisy.

Cove Cafe

Sanctuary Cove

Richard dined on Sat, 17th Sep 2016 (6)

We visited the Cove Café for the seafood buffet and there was not much variety and limited seafood selection. The hot food for the night was below average compared to other seafood buffet venues. The wine buffet made the evening worthwhile although we only had a couple of glasses each.