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Kri Kri

Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Fri, 6th Oct 2017 (9)

Sophisticated atmosphere with great food of generous proportions. Our group vowed to return.

Il Nostro Posto

Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Thu, 20th Jul 2017 (6)

On arrival we were overwhelmed by a number of eager waiting staff - so much so that it was annoying. Then by contrast when we asked for our bill we had to ask again. We shared a dessert but two spoons were not supplied. Overall though the food was good and it was nice and cosy.

The Olive Tree

South Melbourne

Pamela dined on Fri, 24th Feb 2017 (8)

Consistently good food and service.

The Olive Tree

South Melbourne

Pamela dined on Fri, 10th Feb 2017 (8)

An excellent local restaurant.

Time Out Fed Square

Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Sat, 3rd Dec 2016 (8)

This is the best eatery in Fed Square - Buzzy, touristy and friendly with an extensive menu. Would prefer a Split the Bill option though.

Sezar Restaurant

Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Fri, 12th Aug 2016 (6)

Placing napkins on our laps a nice service but three times asking for a side ordered with my main meal that did not come was not. Disliked the dining arrangements of this restaurant in having to leave by a set hour.

Tazio Birraria Pizzeria & Cucina

Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Fri, 24th Jun 2016 (10)

Terrific food and quick, friendly service. Noisy but to be expected on a Friday night.


Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Fri, 27th May 2016 (6)

New chef we were told meant no dessert menu and worst of all no coffee! That could have explained the lack of customers but have never experienced that before. Most disappointed as it was a repeat visit. May not try again.

Imperial Hotel Bourke St

Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Sat, 6th Feb 2016 (3)

Greasy fish and coleslaw too strongly flavoured with mayonnaise. Disappointing!

The Olive Tree

South Melbourne

Pamela dined on Thu, 5th Nov 2015 (9)

Pleased to call this restaurant my "local". Friendly service, good Italian food (baby goat was wonderful on the night we went), generous serves, moderate prices and pleasant atmosphere.

Squires Loft City Grill Room

Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Fri, 14th Aug 2015 (6)

The accompaniment to my steak (which was disappointing in itself) of baked potato with sour cream a real throw-back to the dark ages. Disappointment that only other alternative was chips or salad. Choice of a few vegies wouldn't have gone astray. Hazelnut mousse was superb though and service was good.

Italian Pomodoro Sardo

Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Fri, 15th Aug 2014 (8)

Pleasant staff, nice atmosphere. Would have liked more Sardinian food to chose,


Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Fri, 8th Aug 2014 (8)

Atmosphere and food excellent.

Hare & Grace

Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Tue, 13th Aug 2013 (8)

The main meals from the bar food menu were inexpensive but the add-ons like salad, peas, etc were exorbitant in price. I thought and my pea dish could have been for two it was so large. Maybe a recommendation could be made on the menu that the size was suitable to share. The desert was beautiful and at $15 was more expensive than my main.

Waves on the Beach


Pamela dined on Sun, 9th Jun 2013 (8)

Great location; excellent service but pricing variable and not necessarily a reflection of the product.

Grill Steak Seafood

Melbourne CBD

Pamela dined on Fri, 8th Jul 2011 (5)

Sophisticated atmosphere; too-good service - different waiters coming up to the table all the time; and the food produced too quickly like it was all pre-cooked and ready to go. We had two courses and were out of there in an hour. That is too quick for friends wanting a chatty dinner. My fish was lacking in flavour and was definitely not hot. The servings were small (in fact my friend remarked that his dish - kangeroo - was for the money not enough). My desert (creme brulee) was pretty ordinary and lacked the 'specialness' that this desert should have. I wouldn't recommend it nor go again. I have yet to have a dining experience to recommend in Hardware Lane.

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