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2 Fat Indians Highgate


Helen dined on Mon, 21st May 2018 (7)

Went on a 50% off night so happy with the price

Spice Rootz


Helen dined on Tue, 1st May 2018 (10)

We had the $50 deal - entree, 2 mains, rice, naan and 2 wines, great value and very yummy

Simple Italian


Helen dined on Fri, 27th Apr 2018 (9)

Bit pricey for meal sizes but great flavours, very tasty

Tasty Momo


Helen dined on Thu, 29th Mar 2018 (10)

Great feast for 4 hungry people, will be back!

The Vic Hotel


Helen dined on Thu, 15th Mar 2018 (9)

Went for the cheap parmi night - great value

Mister Walker

South Perth

Helen dined on Mon, 5th Mar 2018 (10)

Lovely setting on the river. Great menu and service. Highly recommend

My Bayon


Helen dined on Tue, 12th Dec 2017 (10)

Loved it here! Awesome flavours, generous serves, good prices....definitely the highlight for the year

Wharf on the Point

East Perth

Helen dined on Thu, 7th Dec 2017 (9)

It was lovely sitting outside on a warm summer night. Great food too! Nice range on the menu and on the wine list. Much better atmos than Ku De Ta next door

Dejavu Tapas Restaurant


Helen dined on Sat, 4th Nov 2017 (7)

Very nice food, some of the serving sizes were a bit small for the price, but that is often the case these days. The top floor dining area is great. Looking forward to coming back on a hot simmer night

Simple Italian


Helen dined on Wed, 1st Nov 2017 (9)

As soon as I walked in I felt like I was in a "real" restaurant - not a place that just serves food and drinks, which is what many establishments are like these days. The waiters were dressed as waiters! the service was great, the food was yummy and not over priced for the serving size - what a great place :-)

Miss Kitty's Saloon


Helen dined on Wed, 18th Oct 2017 (9)

Nice range of meals to choose from. Had to try the beaver tail donuts - yummo!!

The Cabin Small Bar

Mount Hawthorn

Helen dined on Tue, 3rd Oct 2017 (8)

Nice place to drop in for a quick meal

Tasty Momo


Helen dined on Wed, 23rd Aug 2017 (10)

Just discovered this restaurant and this visit was the second time in a week...really good

The Standard


Helen dined on Sat, 19th Aug 2017 (6)

Dined pre-theatre. Was ok but not in a hurry to go back

Tasty Momo


Helen dined on Fri, 18th Aug 2017 (10)

Have been driving past this place for the past year wondering what a tasty momo is and, thanks to Dimmi, booked in for a fantastic meal. Awesome food, highly recommend

Prince Lane

Perth CBD

Helen dined on Sat, 24th Jun 2017 (4)

Came with a group of 12 for dinner at the roof top restaurant. Music volume went up at 7.30 to shouting level, but they did turn it back down again upon request - don't come here for a quiet dinner, the volume went up again at 8.30. Was expecting as oasis, as per web site blurb. One of the group was late and arrived after 9, and had to pay $10 to join us in the roof top bar...so we all left and spent the rest of the night and another couple of hundred dollars at the bar across the road. I understand that security needs to keep the peace and enforce rules, but they should also consider profitability. There are so many places in Perth I wont be back here in a hurry

Southern Star Vietnamese Restaurant

Perth CBD

Helen dined on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 (9)

Very nice food, busy for a Monday night - maybe due to event at Concert Hall, but not overly loud or noisy

Hey Griller

Victoria Park

Helen dined on Wed, 14th Jun 2017 (7)

Nice food, avg price for this type of restaurant. Good service

Dainty Dowager

Mount Lawley

Helen dined on Tue, 13th Jun 2017 (10)

Went with the tapas style dishes and they were great. Good service, very popular for a Tues night

Riverside Cafe Bar & Restaurant


Helen dined on Sun, 7th May 2017 (10)

Great location, lovely to sit at the bar on the river. We had waffles - generous with the toppings, and scrabbled eggs and bacon - very nice

The Meatball Bar - Mt Lawley

Mount Lawley

Helen dined on Fri, 28th Apr 2017 (10)

Love it here - the service is always great just like the food.

Low Key Chow House


Helen dined on Thu, 20th Apr 2017 (8)

I thought it was a bit pricey for the serving sizes, but very tasty food

Meat Candy


Helen dined on Wed, 19th Apr 2017 (10)

Loved this place - great menu, so much food and not too pricey

The Cabin Small Bar

Mount Hawthorn

Helen dined on Sat, 15th Apr 2017 (10)

Great menu - a few different meals which is always nice to see

The Windsor Hotel

South Perth

Helen dined on Sat, 14th Jan 2017 (7)

Nice food and good location but I found it very noisy in the restaurant. It was busy when I went with a family group for lunch. There was background music playing and with that noise and people talking we couldnt hear each other well. So I would refer to a friend but warm them, suggest they go another time or sit outside where it may be less noisy

The Meatball Bar - Mt Lawley

Mount Lawley

Helen dined on Wed, 5th Oct 2016 (10)

I ordered the wrong wine and they changed it! great service, love the food

The Meatball Bar - Mt Lawley

Mount Lawley

Helen dined on Sun, 19th Jun 2016 (10)

Love the tapas menu options, not too pricey and good sized serves

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