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Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Sat, 27th Jan 2018 (9)

We were a group of 4. I had the suckling pig which was delicious. Very tender and juicy. The others had the steak. They said the steak was also tender and cooked to their liking, rare to medium. The vegetables were very tasty. No complaints about the service. Great night had by all.

Seamstress Restaurant

Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Sat, 13th Jan 2018 (10)

Have been here before and this place is absolutely great. Service and food are 100%.

Cafe Florentine


Jenine dined on Thu, 11th Jan 2018 (10)

Food was tasty and well presented. Attentive service.

Jack Rabbit Vineyard


Jenine dined on Fri, 5th Jan 2018 (10)

The service and food were magnificent. Views were panoramic. Would definitely go back and recommend to go.

Shantell Restaurant

Dixons Creek

Jenine dined on Sat, 30th Dec 2017 (10)

Great service. The food was excellent. I had The barramundi which was delicious. Have been back to this little boutique winery a few times now and will definitely be back again.



Jenine dined on Tue, 26th Dec 2017 (10)

We had the slow cooked goat with root vegetables Delicious. Service was efficient and attentive. 5 star. Desserts expensive but once again delicious. Great ambience. Would definitely go back.

Cafe Florentine


Jenine dined on Wed, 10th May 2017 (9)

Good service. Food was good also. Would definitely go back.

Roti Boti


Jenine dined on Wed, 5th Apr 2017 (8)

Great food, attentive staff. Noisy restaurant.

Tutto Bene

Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Sat, 1st Apr 2017 (7)

Small portions which is ok for a female. My husband was still hungry. We had the lasagna which was beautiful but Luke warm on a hot plate. Should have been the other way around.

Mr Mason

Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Sat, 4th Mar 2017 (6)

Good service. Tasting menu a bit pricey. Paid $85, should have been $70.

Church St Enoteca


Jenine dined on Sat, 18th Feb 2017 (10)

Fantastic food. Good service. We had the tasting menu, plenty of food, good value and great chef. Would definitely go back

Taxi Kitchen

Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Wed, 15th Feb 2017 (10)

I have been to this restaurant before and each visit does not disappoint. Each time the service has been impeccable. We had the degustation which was faultless. Each course was so tasty and a delight to the palate. Would absolutely recommend his restaurant.

Papa Goose

Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Sat, 4th Feb 2017 (10)

Well worth the visit. Service was exceptional and the food was of the highest quality. I had the duck which was superb followed by the cheesecake. Will be back without a doubt

Perfect Drop Restaurant and Wine Bar


Jenine dined on Sat, 7th Jan 2017 (10)

We had the 5 course chefs choice menu. The food was well presented, tasty using mostly fresh and local produce. We thoroughly enjoyed our night at this restaurant and would definitely recommend it, and would return to this restaurant.


Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Sat, 29th Oct 2016 (9)

Great restaurant. Good food and service . Have been a few times now and always satisfied. Will be back.

Tutto Bene

Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Sat, 8th Oct 2016 (10)

Great restaurant. Food was excellent and the staff were attentive. No complaints. Will definitely be back for some more rissotto.

The Hof Downtown


Jenine dined on Sat, 24th Sep 2016 (8)

The food was very tasty and plenty of it. No complaints about the service, very attentive.


Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Sat, 17th Sep 2016 (10)

Great attentive service. The food was tasty, good portions and well presented. Excellent restaurant and would absolutely recommend it.

Sezar Restaurant

Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Sat, 27th Aug 2016 (10)

Highly recommend this restaurant. The food was excellent. Extremely tasty and sharing dishes were good sizes. The staff were very attentive and the food just kept on coming. We had the banquet. Delicious. No complaints at all. We will be back for sure.

Bay Street Grill & Pasta

Brighton North

Jenine dined on Thu, 4th Aug 2016 (9)

Great food, great service and very reasonably priced. Will be back.

Punch Lane

Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Sat, 11th Jun 2016 (10)

Service, impeccable. Food, very tasty, well presented and fresh. Beautiful restaurant, great ambience. Will definitely be back.

Seamstress Restaurant

Melbourne CBD

Jenine dined on Mon, 19th Oct 2015 (10)

Dined with two friends. Food was tasty, well presented and good size servings. We left the selection up to the chef and were not disappointed. We had five servings and each one was fantastic. Would definitely go back and would recommend this restaurant as a place to experience.