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The Quarter Cafe

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Wed, 2nd May 2018 (8)

Good typical brunch place on Degraves street.

Charisma Workshop

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Fri, 6th Apr 2018 (8)

It is good in general. I went here on a quiet Friday arvo with a mate for lunch. There was no one else there except us for most of the time. The service was on point, and guys were extremely nice. There was a wide selection of drinks, but food wise, not that spectacular. Would I go again, yes, I probably would.

Archie Green


Jackson dined on Thu, 29th Mar 2018 (8)

Came here with Dimmi's 50% off on Thursday evening which made it particularly worthwhile. Not a place for chat, eat and have a meaningful convo, but probably more for drinks and have fun. I do recommend this place for pre-dinner drinks.

Time Out Fed Square

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Fri, 12th Jan 2018 (8)

Typical place where tourist can go to have lunch and have a drink! Staff provided good service. One minor thing is that when they see you stop eating, they will come up and ask whether you are finished with the food. This occurred several times... not sure why though.

Denmark House

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Wed, 27th Sep 2017 (9)

I came here with the AmEx deal of spend 50+ get 20 dollars back. Overall, if you haven't tried Danish food, perhaps this is a place to visit. I came here for lunch and ordered the feed-me option at 38 dollars. We were given 5 different open sandwiches and it was interesting. The tastes were good and I did enjoy my lunch. One downside is the atmosphere. Given the cost and the location, it is mostly filled with businessmen having their business meetings or the elderly. I would of liked to seen better service, perhaps asking how the meal was, particularly at this type of restaurant. Otherwise, I did enjoy it, and may go back again if I wanted some expensive food on bread again for lunch...

Burma Lane

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Mon, 21st Aug 2017 (9)

Very good. Went for the 2-for-1 deal. I thoroughly enjoyed it. $69 for two people for a meal that went for 90 minutes. It is great. The only dish I somewhat dislike is the crispy pork belly. It was sweet and I felt this was more like an entree than an actual main. I would have liked the main to be a bit bigger... I will definitely come back for this special or try their other goodies on their menu. (Note: not sure if they have a different Feed me menu on other days without the special though...)


Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Fri, 7th Jul 2017 (6)

Went here with 50% off. Just expected more from a restaurant of this calibre. Not sure it was because I came here with this voucher so I was treated slightly different. Had the 2-course dinner. Entree was OK, and main was also OK (fish and steak were slightly overcooked). There was really nothing special about it as I could cook to the same standard at home. Definitely not worth 55 dollar per head as orginally stated on the menu.


Sydney CBD

Jackson dined on Mon, 29th May 2017 (10)

It was a great French experience. The staff is French, and the staff is very attentive. The food was nice. I would recommend this place if you would like to try some French cuisine.

Spanish Tapas


Jackson dined on Sun, 28th May 2017 (8)

Came here on 50% off food. Generally OK. The best is probably the creamy garlic mushroom (which I adored). Others were so-so. Would I come here on full price? Probably not, would choose something a little bit more fancier and easy access to the train.


Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Thu, 25th May 2017 (8)

Generally good. Great service and very attentive staff. Were they staff Japanese? Didn't seem so. The tables I sat at were too close with the next table (sofas), didn't give my mate and I a sense of personal space when we are talking. There were really nothing special about the food (had the course menu). It is nicely presented, but I think I can get something similar for a much lower price. You are paying for the service here.

Devil's H2o Food & Barrels

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Thu, 4th May 2017 (8)

It's OK. Came here for dinner, but I think this is more suitable for lunch. The menu is catered more for a lunch menu rather than dinner.

Tazio Birraria Pizzeria & Cucina

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Thu, 27th Apr 2017 (10)

Great customer service and I was very pleased with how they served my friends and I.

+39 Pizzeria

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Sat, 15th Apr 2017 (10)

It is a great restaurant. I will definitely go back again. I love the nutella dessert pizza!

Henry and the Fox

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Wed, 25th Jan 2017 (10)

Worth a visit, good service and good food at great prices when coupled with the Dimmi's 50% off discount. Thanks!

Marmara Restaurant


Jackson dined on Sun, 15th Jan 2017 (10)

I came here with Dimmi's 50% offer. The staff were very welcoming and we asked whether there were any exclusions - basically no exclusions except for the drinks. We came here as a group of 3. We order the home made mixed dip because we didn't know which one was nice, so we thought we'll just order a bit of everything. As the main dishes, we took up the Seafood Claypot, Skewed Lamb fillets and Imam Fainted. For dessert, we had Baklava and Kadaif. So, mixed dip was nice. A bit of everything, and you can get a re-fill of Turkish bread if you ran out. The mains were decent. The lamp fillets were delicious and it was definitely a very nice cut and cooked very nicely - strongly recommend this. I did enjoy the Seafood Claypot and you can tell the seafood they use are not exactly from the freezer from Coles Supermarket. And we enjoyed the eggplants with tomato+onion in Imam Fainted. Dessert was OK. We prefer Kadaif over Baklava because Baklava was way too sweet. Overall, the service and good was great and I would come back here!

Henry and the Fox

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Sat, 14th Jan 2017 (9)

I came here with Dimmi's 50% off. It was good. The staff were attentive and offer suggestions on food. I do recommend this place, but it is a bit far away from the city center.

A Hereford Beefstouw - Melbourne

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Thu, 12th Jan 2017 (9)

Generally this restaurant is OK for what it's worth. I went here with Dimmi's 50% offer and I must say, there were a lot on the menu that cannot be order in conjunction with the offer or the items have been "sold-out". So I strongly recommend you to ask what you can and can't order. We came here about 7pm and was hoping to order 'dry-aged beef - cote de boeuf' for two, however it was sold out. You would think they would have x amount of stock for patrons who made a booking a week in advance for more superior steak cuts. So we took up the rump steak 400g at medium rare which was still quite decent I suppose. We also ordered Hand Cut Fries and Beef Short Ribs for two. Unless you like eating 'fat', I would avoid the Beef Short Ribs. Hand Cut Fries is no where close to being worth $5 in my honest opinion ($2.50 is more reasonable after the offer, party given the size that's being offered to each customer). For dessert, we took up the Hereford Special, and the waiter will make the dessert in front of you which was interesting. I guess if you are paying $15 each, then I suppose they have to offer some kind of special service. The dessert itself was quite heavy and strong in alcohol - so be aware. Atmosphere was decent. A bit empty, but it's nice. The layout of the restaurant is a tad awkward. Would I say this is fine-dining? Probably no. The reason I say this is that when you are taken to a table, you should be served individually, rather than being served with other customers. Would I say it feels like your regular restaurant just outside of a shopping centre rather than a decent restaurant on Flinder's Lane, probably yes. Cutleries were interesting and service was prompt. So kudos to that. Overall, will I come back and do I think it is worth every penny? Probably not, but if there is a 50% offer, I would try again, but coming earlier to try the other steak cuts.



Jackson dined on Fri, 30th Dec 2016 (9)

Great overall. Tasting Paddles for $10 is worth it! Love it!


Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Wed, 23rd Nov 2016 (8)

Came here on a Wednesday evening with a friend. Atmosphere is great! Ordered the CHEF’S CHOICE MENU. I mean, it is definitely "not" worth the $58 price tag ("no" drinks included). But what to expect? This restaurant is on Little Collins, expect everything to be pricey. But the service here was excellent. Tori must be praised for her service, thank-you! Will I come again? Probably, but I would try out other places around there before coming back.

Max on Hardware

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Fri, 7th Oct 2016 (7)

It was packed on a Friday evening so it was understandable that the service was not up to scratch. But if you do ask, then you will receive (just not to the point that the waiter is attentive enough to know when to serve you). Otherwise, a fair dining experience.

+39 Pizzeria

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Tue, 24th Nov 2015 (9)

Great atmosphere, and great service always!

+39 Pizzeria

Melbourne CBD

Jackson dined on Sun, 22nd Nov 2015 (9)

It's good. Had the GOLOSA and TARTUFATA. Great pizzas. But you must also have the FETTUCCINE ALLA MARINARA!!

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