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Wharf on the point

East Perth

Rashanthi dined on Thu, 13th Jul 2017 (8)

Good was very nicely presented and tasted so good. Service was excellent - will be back.

Nasi Lemak Korner


Rashanthi dined on Sun, 14th May 2017 (9)

Very tasty food. Definitely will be back

Mister Walker

South Perth

Rashanthi dined on Fri, 3rd Feb 2017 (7)

Nice place for a meal.

Rochelle Adonis


Rashanthi dined on Wed, 11th Jan 2017 (3)

Did the lunch special - very disappointed - There was no printed menu card which I was quite surprised . The waiter just read what was available from a piece of paper which we had to ask because we couldn't remember anything he said. Took over half an hour to serve the food. Later we found out it was from what was on display and they only had to heat it up. Taking that amount of time to heat something that was already made is not acceptable. The place wasn't busy at all as only 3 tables were occupied the time we went. Since it was a hot day we opted to have ice cream for dessert but was told they don't do that anymore. Overall very disappointed and left half hungry.

Silks Perth


Rashanthi dined on Fri, 25th Nov 2016 (5)

Very disappointed with the service. It took nearly half an hour each between entrée, mains and dessert to come in and quite appalling given we ordered the set menu. To our utter dismay we were informed that they've run out of brownies and instead gave us a replacement mango + pineapple pudding.

Silks Perth


Rashanthi dined on Wed, 26th Oct 2016 (10)

The ultimate lunch menu was simply great! Lobster, Peking duck and a lovely dessert - what more could you ask for $49.95. Service was excellent - staff was very polite.


North Fremantle

Rashanthi dined on Thu, 15th Sep 2016 (10)

Took the 50% off offer and what a gem of a place we found. Four of us ordered Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Charcoal Chicken, Chargrilled Rump, Chocolate & Fudge Marquis, Banana and Passionfruit Chiboust and everything tasted perfect. The service is excellent, staff is very friendly and prompt to take away the empty dishes. Loved the atmosphere and would definitely be back.

Bistro Guillaume Perth


Rashanthi dined on Sun, 4th Sep 2016 (3)

Very expensive and not worth the price. Wait between meals was too long.

Antico Caffe

East Perth

Rashanthi dined on Fri, 27th May 2016 (5)

Nothing impressed me. Wouldn't go back.

Firewater Grille


Rashanthi dined on Mon, 4th Apr 2016 (8)

best value for money buffet in town

Heirloom by Pete Evans

East Perth

Rashanthi dined on Wed, 30th Mar 2016 (7)

The menu was great as it had a fair amount of dishes to choose from. Food was very well presented but didn't find any 'wow' factor in the taste.


East Perth

Rashanthi dined on Wed, 13th Jan 2016 (8)

The food was well presented and tasty. Service was also good but the food was a bit too pricey for a small restaurant. The atmosphere is lovely for an early dinner. There is a surcharge for credit card payments.

Dux Cafe Restaurant


Rashanthi dined on Fri, 8th Jan 2016 (8)

The restaurant is not so big and I loved it - ideal for couples or a bunch of friends. Service was so good - the waitresses were very friendly. Food was a bit too expensive.



Rashanthi dined on Mon, 21st Dec 2015 (7)

The buffet was good but the service was so bad. The plates and bowls were piling up on our table and I had to go in search of a waitress to ask to clear up. No one bothered to bring us finger bowls (we had prawns) and that also we had to request.

Firewater Grille


Rashanthi dined on Mon, 7th Dec 2015 (8)

The main menu was not much - I'd imagine during Christmas season there'd be a vibrant spread. Bit disappointed.

Friends Restaurant

East Perth

Rashanthi dined on Sat, 15th Aug 2015 (9)

5 course set menu for Saturday dinner $95 per head was a bit too much.

Firewater Grille


Rashanthi dined on Wed, 1st Jul 2015 (9)

The buffet at the special price of $29.95 was good value for money.

Friends Restaurant

East Perth

Rashanthi dined on Fri, 17th Apr 2015 (10)

Second time here. Wouldn't go anywhere else to celebrate a special occasion



Rashanthi dined on Tue, 3rd Feb 2015 (6)

The service was excellent but the food was nothing fascinating.