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Festival India

Osborne Park

Suzanne dined on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 (10)

We loved it. The food was delicious. & the service was very good. It's also BYO so that made it a cheap night out. We went early on a Monday night so it was fairly quiet but decor is lovely in there so good ambience. Will definitely go again.

Thai Tation


Suzanne dined on Thu, 5th Jul 2018 (8)

Casual & basic venue but food was good. BYO. Would recommend.

300 Acres

Wembley Downs

Suzanne dined on Thu, 13th Jul 2017 (9)

Great location & local. Good service & good food. Big portions. On this occasion we had a nice lunch but did not drink anything so only cost $20-$25 each . Will definitely come back but next time will share rather than have our own meal for lunch or better still eat dinner and have some drinks!

The Old Brewery


Suzanne dined on Fri, 24th Feb 2017 (3)

This was a special meal out for us and we'd heard great things about this place but we were disappointed. We felt it was very over-priced. The ribs appeared large but there was hardly any meat on them & weren't anything special. The other portions were also small, however the fish, steak and chicken all tasted delicious. The desserts were also good. So food tasted good, except ribs but small portions & expensive.

Floreat Hotel


Suzanne dined on Sat, 31st Dec 2016 (8)

We love this place and service was very good. However for New Years Eve it was extremely quiet.

300 Acres

Wembley Downs

Suzanne dined on Mon, 31st Oct 2016 (9)

Only recently opened, we didn't know it was there, found by accident. Fantastic views, lovely food and good service - great for lunch with the girls. Breakfast menu looks great. Will definitely go back.

Floreat Hotel


Suzanne dined on Mon, 25th Jul 2016 (9)

Great pizzas and half-price on Mondays, so cheap night out for us! Good service, very friendly and polite. It's a big venue but designed so everyone has their own cosy little space. Lovely night thanks.

The Precinct Tavern


Suzanne dined on Sat, 25th Jun 2016 (6)

Service quite good. Accomodated our menu changes.Music playing but not too loud.

Caves House Bar & Restaurant


Suzanne dined on Sat, 14th May 2016 (8)

They have a courtesy bus that runs from Dunsborough and back which is a great idea. The food was good - loved the pizzas. I've been here in the summer when the place is buzzing and great atmosphere, however on this Saturday night everything was winding down about 8:30pm - much earlier than we expected for a Saturday night! Live band was great too and some people were dancing. We will be back to try Friday night Salsa dancing with our own group of friends.


Mount Lawley

Suzanne dined on Thu, 17th Mar 2016 (5)

Quite expensive for what we got.

Floreat Hotel


Suzanne dined on Fri, 2nd Oct 2015 (9)

Love this place and we're lucky to have it on our doorstep. Big place but lots of separate areas.

The Standard


Suzanne dined on Fri, 22nd May 2015 (8)

Loved the food & drinks - we shared several dishes and a few carafes of cocktails. Lots of vegetarian choices too. Great atmosphere but quite noisy on a Friday night. Very busy but the staff were all friendly and helpful. Would definitely go again.

Hippo Creek African Grill


Suzanne dined on Thu, 26th Feb 2015 (9)

We were a family party of 6 celebrating a 21st on a Thursday night. Atmosphere was good, not too busy or noisy so we could hold a conversation. Fantastic service - thank you Maurice - not hovering too much but always there when needed. Very friendly and polite and offered to add sparklers and embarrassment for the birthday boy! We all had ribs. They were delicious and the table was so quiet while we all devoured them! No-one had room for dessert but we ended up sharing one - the Ice cream & Mars Bar sauce was lovely and a generous portion. The plate was nearly licked clean! Would definitely go again.

The Peasants Table

Mount Hawthorn

Suzanne dined on Wed, 29th Oct 2014 (8)

The service was good and the staff very friendly. Our food was delicious. I was the driver and they were very accommodating and made me up a lovely mocktail. We went on a Wednesday night and got the complimentary starter plank. It was tasty but 2 scallops & 2 tiny pieces of chorizo don't go far between 3 people! We did ask for one extra of each but they said No. They also forgot to serve it to us until we reminded them when they were serving the mains. So that was a bit disappointing, however, that was free!



Suzanne dined on Tue, 8th Jul 2014 (9)

Great night out with girl friends - good food in a lively friendly atmosphere.

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