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Da Mario


Natalia dined on Tue, 15th May 2018 (10)

The pizza here are absolutely amazing. Very authentic and perfectly cooked. My group and I were very pleased with the service as well. We will definitely visit again!



Natalia dined on Fri, 11th May 2018 (10)

This was our first time dining at Anason and my husband and I were very impressed with our lovely night.

Mamasan Surry Hills

Surry Hills

Natalia dined on Wed, 2nd May 2018 (8)

Our server offered our party a banquet menu which was chef's choice and the food was very, very tasty. The food was quite pricey but worth it.

Planar Restaurant

Sydney CBD

Natalia dined on Sun, 29th Apr 2018 (5)

I was quite disappointed with the service. I had made a large booking on a Sunday for lunch and we were constantly ignored and avoided for 30 minutes after being sat. The staff spoke little english and our server knew very little about the menu and how the basic food items were prepared. I doubt I'll come back.

House of Crabs


Natalia dined on Fri, 27th Apr 2018 (9)

This is a seafood lovers dream! The food is great to share with your friends. Just order, dump the boil bags on the table and get messy.


Surry Hills

Natalia dined on Fri, 13th Apr 2018 (9)

Great basement bar with very tasty canned goods. We made a platter to share and had a glass of wine. We are very impressed with Soul Trap and are very happy that it’s only a few blocks away from our house!

Hut & Soul

Adelaide CBD

Natalia dined on Thu, 5th Apr 2018 (9)

We were impressed with the great food that was served to us! The dishes are perfect to share with friends.

Rigoni's Bistro

Adelaide CBD

Natalia dined on Wed, 4th Apr 2018 (9)

We brought our friends from Canada to this restaurant for brunch and we all very much enjoyed our morning here. The service was quick and friendly.

Red Spice QV

Melbourne CBD

Natalia dined on Sun, 14th Jan 2018 (10)

Great food, great service! I would definitely recommend this restaurant.


Sydney CBD

Natalia dined on Mon, 18th Dec 2017 (8)

The food at INDU was very good and I would recommend others to try the great food served here. Our only concern was the bill at the end. We ordered the Signature Feast which is $80pp, but then were discreetly charged an extra $6pp for a dish which was, or so we thought, included in our Signature Feast.

Goldfish Hunter Valley


Natalia dined on Sat, 4th Nov 2017 (9)

It was our first time eating at Goldfish and our experience was really nice. The food was outstanding and the service was friendly.

Made in Italy


Natalia dined on Sat, 28th Oct 2017 (8)

Very nice food and always a pleasure dining there.

Ze Pickle Sydney

Surry Hills

Natalia dined on Fri, 20th Oct 2017 (8)

The burgers were really tasty and big! Ask for the 'Secret Burger' - it's a combination of two of their most popular burgers in one big boy! Hope you're hungry!

Poachers Pantry


Natalia dined on Wed, 27th Sep 2017 (10)

It was my second time at Poachers Pantry and our experience was as amazing as it was the first time. Of course the food and drink complimented each other perfectly and the service was very warm and friendly. I highly recommend it!

Criniti's Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour

Natalia dined on Wed, 30th Aug 2017 (8)

I had the Pistaccio pizza and it was super tasty! I recommend it!



Natalia dined on Wed, 28th Jun 2017 (9)

We had an outstanding tapas dinner at Public. Eating ceviche sprinkled with black ants was definitely a great and interesting experience.

Dove & Olive

Surry Hills

Natalia dined on Wed, 14th Jun 2017 (8)

The food at Dove and Olive is very good! We were pretty surprised that the pib started running out of beer at the end of the night. Otherwise my husband, friends and I were very satisfied with both food and service.

El Camino Cantina

The Rocks

Natalia dined on Tue, 6th Jun 2017 (9)

I love Mexican food and El Camino is a great Mexican feed!


Surry Hills

Natalia dined on Fri, 28th Apr 2017 (9)

For our party of 5 we ordered two big dishes and five small plates which was a perfect amount. All of our dishes tasted amazing. our out of town guests really enjoyed their experience at Queenies.

Portello Rosso

Melbourne CBD

Natalia dined on Sun, 23rd Apr 2017 (10)

Our first dining experience at Portello Rosso was fabulous. We ordered the potatos, lamb and duck and they were amazing and juicy. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone who loves tapas.

de Vine

Sydney CBD

Natalia dined on Fri, 18th Nov 2016 (7)

Our night was very nice at De Vine. Their wine list is very impressive and the service was very good.

Bamboo Dumpling Bar

Surry Hills

Natalia dined on Fri, 4th Nov 2016 (9)

I've been to Bamboo a few times and I'm never disappointed with the food.

Muum Maam

Surry Hills

Natalia dined on Mon, 31st Oct 2016 (9)

The taste of Muum Maam takes you to Thailand! The food is very good and great for sharing. I had the Massaman Curry and it was just so yum with a cinnamon stick.


Surry Hills

Natalia dined on Sat, 18th Jun 2016 (8)

The restaurant was super busy on Saturday and our drinks took a while, but the food came out quick and again it was amazing as always.


Surry Hills

Natalia dined on Tue, 14th Jun 2016 (8)

The food is very tasty! I would recommend sharing because everything definitely needs to be tasted.

Larousse Restaurant


Natalia dined on Tue, 5th Apr 2016 (7)

The food was really great! Very tasty! I was a little turned off that our waiter could not pronounce any items on the menu and none of the staff were French or spoke French.

Imperial Peking Harbourside

The Rocks

Natalia dined on Sat, 26th Mar 2016 (7)

The food was good but very expensive. It was a nice experience, but I'm not sure I would go again.

House of Crabs


Natalia dined on Wed, 16th Mar 2016 (9)

The atmosphere and eating with your hands is so much fun! I have a great time when I go to the House of Crabs.

Bamboo Dumpling Bar

Surry Hills

Natalia dined on Wed, 13th Jan 2016 (9)

The dumplings were served very quick and they had lots of flavour. The Dumpling Fix banquet choice is definitely the way to go.

Bondi's Best


Natalia dined on Sat, 26th Dec 2015 (10)

The food was very good. My friends and Ireally enjoyed our meals.

Tapas El Toro


Natalia dined on Sat, 14th Nov 2015 (7)

amazing food


Potts Point

Natalia dined on Tue, 29th Sep 2015 (7)

Very good food. The Chicken teriyaki is highly recommended.

Peppered Prawn


Natalia dined on Sun, 7th Jun 2015 (6)

Our server was very nice and focused. My fiancee's meal wasn't thoroughly cooked and our server noticed the uncooked meal as soon she walked by our table. She quickly replaced his meal with a new meal of his choice and served us with a couple of very tasty Prawn Shots for free.

Cafe Neptune


Natalia dined on Sun, 18th Jan 2015 (6)

Great breakfast and smoothies.

The Spice Room

Sydney CBD

Natalia dined on Thu, 18th Dec 2014 (8)

It was our first time visiting, and the food was outstanding. The service was very good. I will definitely come back.

Brio Pyrmont


Natalia dined on Thu, 20th Nov 2014 (9)

We couldn't choose what we wanted from the menu because it all looked amazing. Our waiter suggested he'd choose our meal for us. It was fantastic.

Cafe Neptune


Natalia dined on Thu, 25th Sep 2014 (5)

The food was nice. The service was not bad, but some of the female servers didn't have friendly faces.

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