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Hunter & Barrel Whitford City


Joanie dined on Thu, 5th Jul 2018 (8)

Waitress was not very attentive. Thought we ordered 3 set meals to share among 4 of us. She does not bring an extra set of cutlery. throughout serving our table, hardly get a smile from her. :(

2 Fat Indians Highgate


Joanie dined on Thu, 17th May 2018 (8)

Thoroughly enjoyed the food. The serve a bit small for that price range though.

Nasi Lemak Korner


Joanie dined on Fri, 16th Mar 2018 (3)

Beef satay meat was tough. Stingy with the side. Don’t even have rice cubes. High chair seats was very uncomfortable. Especially we have to wait a while for our food. Very expensive

The Terrace Hotel


Joanie dined on Wed, 10th Jan 2018 (3)

Was very disappointed with the standard of food. Beef steak was so over cooked, though we asked for medium. The lamp chop was also overcooked . Meat was dry & tough. Asked for mint sauce for the lamb, don't have. End up getting a gravy sauce with herbs.

Fraser's Restaurant

West Perth

Joanie dined on Fri, 8th Dec 2017 (8)

Enjoyed the view and the quality of food is good.



Joanie dined on Thu, 25th May 2017 (2)

Service was bad. Waited 15 mins for orders to be taken. Then another 20 mins for sides % rice to be served. Another 15 mins for RAW meat to be served. By then rice is cold. Then BBQ stove is not working. We, 5 of us were told to BBQ on one stove. I refused and requested to be transferred to another seating . It again took ages before that was arranged. They did not even bother to replace the then already very cold rice. Very disappointing dining experience.

Recipe Restaurant

East Perth

Joanie dined on Thu, 30th Apr 2015 (6)

Food a bit expensive . Some misunderstanding with billing but glad that it was resolved amicably. Thus good customer service.

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