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Bluewater Cafe


Erika dined on Sun, 11th Nov 2018 (9)

I had heard that Bluewater Cafe is a lovely cafe but when I visited it with my boyfriend at 8am on a Sunday, it had difficulty coping with the incredible demand that was already present in the cafe at such an early time in the morning (thankfully we had made a reservation, otherwise we would not have been able to be seated). It took 30 mins from the time we were seated for our beverages to arrive (a smoothie and a juice) and 40 mins from the time we were seated for our food to arrive. I would expect this type of wait time at 10am or 11am in a cafe but not at 8am, so perhaps this was due to them being understaffed (only 4 wait staff for 50+ customers) or something. Despite this, the food was delicious, the view was lovely and the staff were friendly. I would recommend going here if you have nothing else planned for the rest of your morning, as it is worth a visit.

Fratelli Fresh Bridge Street

Sydney CBD

Erika dined on Thu, 1st Nov 2018 (10)

Always a pleasure eating at Fratelli Fresh and the Bridge Street venue is a great spot!

Fratelli Fresh Bridge Street

Sydney CBD

Erika dined on Mon, 29th Oct 2018 (10)

Fratelli Fresh is always a pleasure to dine in, whether it’s for a business lunch or a dinner with a group of friends, it is always a lovely experience.

bills in bondi

Bondi Beach

Erika dined on Sun, 15th Jul 2018 (10)

Bills Bondi is such a great place! The Wagyu Beef Burger is dripping with rich, delicious flavours - cooked to perfection and has the right ratio of burger meat vs bread bun (i.e. heaps of meat). The service was outstanding and we really enjoyed our meal. The only downside is that we could feel a draft from the door, but what can you expect in winter I guess.

Steersons Steakhouse (Lime Street)

Sydney CBD

Erika dined on Sun, 8th Jul 2018 (9)

The service was amazing! I really liked the fact that they offer a petite sirloin (200g), as I am not able to eat a huge steak, like my boyfriend can, and I highly recommend the optional addition of Surf'n'Turf. The freshly baked damper bread is an excellent starter, as it is so light and fluffy. The Creamed Spinach with parmesan gremolata and the Mixed Greens with almond cream were excellent sides, that truly complimented our steaks. Would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Dove & Olive

Surry Hills

Erika dined on Sun, 1st Jul 2018 (10)

Their Sunday Roast has to be one of the best ones in Sydney! It is always a pleasure to eat at this pub.

Masala Theory

Surry Hills

Erika dined on Sat, 23rd Jun 2018 (8)

This is a lovely restaurant! The service is excellent and the food was absolutely delicious. We had the Poutine Re-Invented as a starter (this was an incredible dish that was recommended to us by our server - it's made up of Makhani sauce, French fries, Cheese Garlic Curry and Aioli topped with Banana Peppers - YUM YUM YUM), Mango Smoked Tandoori Lamb Chops and the Indian Chicken Pot Rice (Biryani) with a side of Raita and Cheese Naan. The atmosphere is really good too and they had nice music playing. We will definitely be back

The Meat & Wine Co Circular Quay

Sydney CBD

Erika dined on Tue, 27th Mar 2018 (10)

Our waitress Shanily was so helpful with recommendations and attentive to our every need, which made our dinner feel so special. The food was perfectly cooked and we enjoyed every last bite of it. Thank you!

Mad Pizza e Bar - Surry Hills

Surry Hills

Erika dined on Thu, 1st Mar 2018 (10)

The pizzas are always so delicious! The dough they create is soooo good, there's no way you will not want to eat every last bite. I simply love this place! :)

Bowery Lane

Sydney CBD

Erika dined on Wed, 31st Jan 2018 (10)

It is always a pleasure to come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner! The service is great and the food is delicious :)

Patagonian Toothfish


Erika dined on Sat, 13th Jan 2018 (10)

The food was outstanding and the service was really good! We will definitely be back :)

Criniti's Woolloomooloo


Erika dined on Thu, 28th Dec 2017 (10)

The food was tasty and well presented. The views are very good so it is worth asking for a table outside.

Pony Dining The Rocks

The Rocks

Erika dined on Wed, 20th Dec 2017 (10)

Delicious food and awesome service! It is always a pleasure to dine at this restaurant! :)

Iris Black

Surry Hills

Erika dined on Sat, 9th Dec 2017 (9)

The food was super delicious, but it was a little pricey for the area that this restaurant is in. It is definitely worth going if you think of it as more of a degustation because the portion sizes are tiny, but the craftsmanship that has gone into each bit is incredible. This would be more of a special occasion restaurant for me.

Coco Cubano Kensington UNSW


Erika dined on Wed, 29th Nov 2017 (7)

I had the Fisherman's basket and the fish was rather overcooked and over-salted. It's definitely a cheap place to eat so I might try their more Mexican dishes next time.

Fratelli Fresh Westfield Sydney

Sydney CBD

Erika dined on Fri, 24th Nov 2017 (9)

The food was lovely as always and this is such a great restaurant to have smack bang in the city centre.

Pasta Emilia

Surry Hills

Erika dined on Wed, 15th Nov 2017 (10)

The food was absolutely delicious! I had to request more bread to mop up the sauce that came with my pasta dish (the pipi gnocchi). The pipis and gnocchi were cooked to perfection. My partner had the duck & truffle tortelli which was also super tasty. Despite there being a lot of staff that had only recently been hired, the service was good, this was thanks to the manager, as she had everything under control (she just needs more manpower with her ability). Will definitely recommend to all of my friends and will be back! :)

Good Pizza


Erika dined on Wed, 1st Nov 2017 (10)

The pizza is so good! We had a Garlic & Cheese Pizza to start, the Porchetta bout it and the Roni as our mains and the Rocky Road dessert pizza (that's right, we made absolute pigs out of ourselves, but it was totally worth it, as we ate every last bite!). The dough they use is so good! It was a little quiet which is to be expected considering it was a Wed night, but it was definitely worth the visit. We will definitely eat there again and try out their takeaway :)

The Owl House


Erika dined on Wed, 11th Oct 2017 (10)

The food was delicious and the wine was incredibly tasty. Would highly recommend!

The Cuban Place

Sydney CBD

Erika dined on Wed, 20th Sep 2017 (10)

This has always been a favourite place of mine to grab a cheeky mojoto after work but this was my first time dining in their restaurant. The mains come in nice large portions (so you won’t leave hungry) and the cheese puffs are delicious. However, their “must eat” dish has to be their cafe y caramello desert as this was truly outstanding! I will definitely be back for more of that :)


Surry Hills

Erika dined on Wed, 13th Sep 2017 (10)

The atmosphere in this restaurant was so nice! A real true neighbourhood gem! I loved the all you can eat cheese option that they do every Wednesday. What a great idea! Also knowing that 100% of their profits go to charity makes me feel damn good about all of the cheese that I have consumed :) Will definitely be back!

The Corner House


Erika dined on Sun, 6th Aug 2017 (10)

My boyfriend and I went there for a nice little dinner with some friends. The pizzas were super delicious as always and this time I also had the pumpkin rissoni and my boyfriend tried the gnocchi - both of which were so tasty! Staff were personable, friendly and very attentive to our needs - Dave was exceptionally awesome! Thank you again for a lovely evening :)

Bowery Lane

Sydney CBD

Erika dined on Wed, 24th May 2017 (9)

This is such a great spot to go after work during the week. The roast chicken is so tasty! The way they cook and flavour it is so good! Will definitely be back :)

Bowery Lane

Sydney CBD

Erika dined on Tue, 23rd May 2017 (9)

The food is good, we had the New York cheeseburger and a southern fried chicken burger. They serve shoestring fries which were ok - I think thick cut chips would be nicer. Definitely a great place to grab a bite in the CBD.

The Flynn

Sydney CBD

Erika dined on Wed, 3rd May 2017 (9)

The burgers are delicious and The Flynn is always pretty lively.

Lucio Pizzeria Zetland


Erika dined on Wed, 26th Apr 2017 (8)

The food was great and we didn't have to wait long for it to arrive.

Zebra Green Cafe & Bar

Bondi Junction

Erika dined on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 (9)

This restaurant was very nice and the chicken wings were delicious! We were happy that we had 50% off as our total bill would have been $90 which I thought was a bit expensive for what we ordered but the food was really good.


Rose Bay

Erika dined on Mon, 27th Mar 2017 (10)

I had the most wonderful birthday dinner at Catalina. The food, the atmosphere and the service were all flawless. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a special restaurant to take their significant other to.

Flying Fajita Sistas


Erika dined on Sat, 25th Mar 2017 (10)

The food was delicious and the meats were cooked perfectly. Will definitely be back again

Al Taglio

Surry Hills

Erika dined on Wed, 22nd Feb 2017 (10)

Delicious food! We had the Diavola and the Quattro Formagi along with the Aperol Spritz + Pizza deal for $30 per person. I would highly recommend this place to anyone and already have :)