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Kanishka dined on Fri, 6th Jul 2018 (8)

Booked through a restaurant month deal. Can't fault the food, the service or the ambiance. A top notch Italian restaurant.

Chez Olivier - Le Bistro


Kanishka dined on Thu, 31st May 2018 (9)

Fourth time here and every visit has been spectacular! The tournedos rossini is our favourite dish but the rest of the menu is also wonderful.

Atta Restaurant

Albert Park

Kanishka dined on Fri, 4th May 2018 (9)

Wow what a stunning fine-dining take on Indian cuisine! While the prices are certainly higher than your neighbourhood generic Indian restaurant, it shows in the well thought out menu and the execution of the dishes. I recommend stepping out of your comfort zone (although the butter chicken WAS pretty good) and exploring the menu, you will likely be rewarded.

Burma Lane

Melbourne CBD

Kanishka dined on Fri, 20th Apr 2018 (8)

Very friendly and unpretentious service, good ambience, well thought-out menu with a variety of south-east Asian influences. They also served Lion Stout which is one of my favourite beers, so kudos! In any other city this would be a top restaurant but South-East Asian fusion with a modern twist is a crowded space in Melbourne and the execution of the dishes doesn't stand up against the Melbourne greats (without naming names). I would still recommend you try this restaurant out and decide for yourself.

Vaporetto Bar & Eatery


Kanishka dined on Fri, 9th Mar 2018 (9)

Probably the best Italian food you can get in the Eastern suburbs. Authentic, inventive and well-executed dishes with excellent ambience and service to boot.

A Hereford Beefstouw - Melbourne

Melbourne CBD

Kanishka dined on Fri, 9th Feb 2018 (9)

The first thing that you notice about this restaurant is the oh-so-Scandinavian design. But the delights aren't just visual - I can highly recommend their dry aged beef. And the decanter for the house win is a bit of a spectacle too!


Melbourne CBD

Kanishka dined on Sat, 5th Aug 2017 (10)

2nd time here, and was just as impressed all over again. Service is impeccable. Wine list is great. The menu is inventive, well executed and still true to the Italian flavours. Highly recommend the scallops, the duck tortellini and the desert canoli.

Mr Mason

Melbourne CBD

Kanishka dined on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 (6)

Excellent service and smart menu. Didn't agree with music selection (which is subjective I'll grant) and execution of some of the dishes, felt that it was bland and/or didn't include some of the flavours which were purported to be in them on the menu (e.g. couldn't taste the truffle oil or the lavender in the lavender cream). Overall it was still a positive experience, I'm just nitpicking and providing what I hope is some constructive feedback for the restaurant.

Italy 1 at Camberwell


Kanishka dined on Wed, 5th Jul 2017 (7)

Good execution of a well thought-out menu, and professional service, when it was available. It was a busy night and we had a few niggles with the service in terms of wait times, but other than that had a great time. You can get Italian food of similar high quality for better value in the city, but it’s a great little neighbourhood gem in Camberwell.

Chez Olivier - Le Bistro


Kanishka dined on Sun, 7th May 2017 (9)

4th time here, never fails to please. It's very hard to get past the Tournedos Rossini which is definitely the standout dish here but if you can, the rest of the menu also holds its ground very well.

Lee Ho Fook

Melbourne CBD

Kanishka dined on Thu, 30th Mar 2017 (8)

Good service and exciting flavours, visit for a completely fresh experience on Chinese food. This comes with a price premium though. Also make sure you have a bit of variety in your order; don't order too many dishes with fried shallots like we did!

Portello Rosso

Melbourne CBD

Kanishka dined on Sat, 26th Nov 2016 (9)

We booked for a group of 5. Got a lovely cosy nook upstairs. The ambiance here is excellent, and the quality of the food justifies the price. One of the best Spanish restaurants in Melbourne. I highly recommend the king prawns, paella and the churros


Melbourne CBD

Kanishka dined on Fri, 4th Nov 2016 (9)

One of the top Italian restaurants in Melbourne! We had two entrees, two pasta dishes and a desert, and they were all very tasty and well executed adventurous takes on Italian food. Can't ask for more.

Aux Batifolles

Fitzroy North

Kanishka dined on Sat, 22nd Oct 2016 (9)

Classic French fine dining, excellent execution, up there with other French stalwarts like Chez Olivier. I'm surprised this restaurant wasn't busier on a Saturday night. We will certainly be back. Highly recommend the mash potatoes and the eye fillet steak.



Kanishka dined on Thu, 1st Sep 2016 (9)

Very attentive and friendly service, delicious Cretan food with unique flavours and imaginative recipes.


Melbourne CBD

Kanishka dined on Thu, 4th Aug 2016 (8)

Classic Bavarian beer house experience. Massive service sizes. Great beer.

Blossom Thai

South Yarra

Kanishka dined on Fri, 22nd Jul 2016 (8)

Flawless service. The owner/manager is very friendly. The dishes however seemed watered down for Australian tastes.



Kanishka dined on Fri, 10th Jun 2016 (9)

Great tasting food, innovative and seasonally appropriate menu, unobtrusive and classy service. Can't fault it much.

Tsindos Greek Restaurant

Melbourne CBD

Kanishka dined on Sat, 11th Apr 2015 (8)

Excellent home-style Greek food and friendly, down-to-earth service. You don't come across many restaurants like this in the CBD any more. Great place.


Melbourne CBD

Kanishka dined on Sat, 14th Mar 2015 (8)

Excellent food, I would venture to say the smaller dishes are more interesting with more diverse flavours. Definitely recommend the ceviche, which is excellent.

Noir Restaurant


Kanishka dined on Fri, 8th Aug 2014 (9)

Wonderful french cuisine accompanied by friendly service and great ambiance.

Kid Boston


Kanishka dined on Fri, 23rd May 2014 (7)

While the food is definitely above average, you want to come here for the drinks. Service was pretty attentive for a Friday night without being overly intrusive, which is a hard balance to achieve. The highlight was definitely their Whiskey Sour. By god it was brilliant.



Kanishka dined on Sat, 26th Oct 2013 (10)

Great alternative to the standard red/green/yellow chicken/beef/seafood curry Thai fare you get in most places. Interesting dishes and fresh flavours

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