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Holy Basil Thai


Silvia dined on Sun, 31st Dec 2017 (9)

Never fails to impress. Consistently good food.

Camus Restaurant


Silvia dined on Wed, 12th Jul 2017 (9)

We loved the stuffed Calamari , Burrata, Duck Bastilla was divine as was the Chocolate Plate. We had a blast.

Holy Basil Thai


Silvia dined on Sat, 1st Jul 2017 (10)

Continues to be consistently great. We have taken many friends here and they have enjoyed the experience as much as we have. Special cudos to Jamie who ALWAYS remembers the little things or previous conversations .

Station Hotel


Silvia dined on Sun, 14th May 2017 (10)

Thank you. A memorable Mother's Day

The Railway Club Hotel

Port Melbourne

Silvia dined on Sat, 15th Apr 2017 (9)

We had the specials they were amazing.

The Grand Dining Room


Silvia dined on Sat, 1st Apr 2017 (9)

Wait staff were terrific , they sold the dishes. Specials were outstanding ie. Risotto with Lardons and the Rolled Pork. My Tagliatelle was nothing I couldn't make myself . Desserts made up for it though we each had a different dessert i.e,

'Locale' at De Bortoli Yarra Valley

Dixons Creek

Silvia dined on Sat, 14th Jan 2017 (10)

We are local so very priveleged to have Locale in our backyard. The last time we ate here was about six years a vast improvement is noted. Service personally yet professional. Homemade Pasta dish was divine i.e, Ravioli with Pear Ragu but the stand out as suggested by our Waitress was the Dark Choc Tart with Coffee Mousse and Sour Cherry was a taste sensation. I wouldn't order the Duck and Beetroot Risotto , my mistake I love Duck and expected more of it and less Risotto.

Station Hotel


Silvia dined on Sat, 7th Jan 2017 (9)

Steak was cooked to perfection as ordered. Chips not as good ( hot) as previous dining experiences. Service great. Drinks icy cold.

La Luna Bistro

Carlton North

Silvia dined on Tue, 20th Dec 2016 (9)

Food was perfect I was with two vegetarians who chose the fish option and commended their Salmon and accompaying Freekah a very substantial dish as was my perfectly cooked Fillet Mignon (Medium Rare). Sides of Spinach was hot and a substantial portions. French fries was tasty but could of been hotter. Service efficient, Prosecco cold. An all round great experience.

Urban Grooves Lounge Cafe


Silvia dined on Sun, 18th Dec 2016 (10)

Fantastic Egg White Omelette. Very few cafes have this option on their menu. It was hot and packed full of veges. Toast was also hot and not soggy another rarity at cafes. Really good coffee. Service attentive and



Silvia dined on Thu, 1st Dec 2016 (8)

Will recommend. Fresh and tasty , Great service.

Matteo's Melbourne


Silvia dined on Tue, 22nd Nov 2016 (9)

Duck Breast and Dessert Platter a standout. A personal dislike of mine is being asked if I want another drink. I can decide .

Smith & Daughters


Silvia dined on Wed, 16th Nov 2016 (9)

Great cocktails . Prosecco generous pour and lovely and cold. Service was perfect. We loved everything except the fried noodles and bean dish which was unimaginative and boring. Dessert was not only great to look at but a taste sensation.

Holy Basil Thai


Silvia dined on Sun, 13th Nov 2016 (9)

Best Thai ever! Portions are great too . The organic wine list is fantastic. We were let down by the service on this occasion the young waiter had to be prompted by another to take our order . Ten minutes later I had to get up and ask for the bottle of wine we ordered. Entree came with rice we ordered for the main. A savvy Waitress noted the rice sitting there for ages and promptly whipped it away and brought a fresh portion with our mains. We will continue to eat at this fantastic Thai Restaurant and recommend it. Maybe the younger staff just need to be more aware that when menus are still with diners after 20 mins it means they need to come and ask if orders are needed.

Salsa Bar & Grill

Port Douglas

Silvia dined on Sun, 6th Nov 2016 (9)

Never misses A beat. From Mango Daquiri's to Chocolate Souffle.

Salsa Bar & Grill

Port Douglas

Silvia dined on Tue, 1st Nov 2016 (10)

Never disappoints. Exceptional presentation. All accolades deserved.

Copper Pot


Silvia dined on Wed, 5th Oct 2016 (9)

Loved the service , very attentive and when I didn't like the sparkling wine I chose the waitress ensured my next wine was something I would enjoy but letting me taste it first. Duck Papparelle dish an absolute standout one of the best dishes we have ever tasted , worth going there just for this dish. The terrine was disappointing , Terrine should not be dry and chewy.

Hotel Lincoln


Silvia dined on Wed, 13th Jul 2016 (10)

Nothing further to add

Salsa Bar & Grill

Port Douglas

Silvia dined on Sun, 10th Jan 2016 (9)

The reasons I didnt score 10 all round was. Atmosphere was really noisy. Service, while our Irish waiter was patient humourus and helpful the female Wait staff were disengaged well our was . Food was perfect tasty , large prtions, looked great and everything came out without a hitch the cocktail of the day was full of fruit and was tasteless compared th the cocktails on the menu.

Zen Charcoal BBQ

South Yarra

Silvia dined on Thu, 31st Dec 2015 (7)

Very warm in there only one air conditioner considering BBQ at table ! Daquiri was 3/4 full. Lacking in atmosphere. Lots of potentional if they fine tune . Service lovely although we did have to prompt the waitress for drinks. Food is really good . Oh and I would also suggest new menus as in cleaner.


Melbourne CBD

Silvia dined on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 (9)

We thought every dish was a standout if we had to pick one that was AMAZING it was the Duck Confit the dark green Tamale was tasteless and the dish whilst tender didn't really have a taste compared to all the others which was delicious.

Chez Olivier - Le Bistro


Silvia dined on Fri, 25th Sep 2015 (5)

Very disappointed in the Seafood Casserole. The dish wash chosen based on photos on photos Chez Olivier's website. The dish that arrived bore no resemblance. FALSE advertising.

The Strand Restaurant


Silvia dined on Mon, 29th Jun 2015 (9)

We were very well looked after in all respects.



Silvia dined on Sat, 20th Jun 2015 (9)

AS always Olivignia didn't disappoint. When we had to wait for our main course they comp us with a bowl of delicious crispy potatoes .



Silvia dined on Sat, 6th Jun 2015 (9)

This is the fourth time I have eaten at Olivignia and has not disappointed yet.

Mister Bianco


Silvia dined on Fri, 8th May 2015 (9)

My criticism is noise level was unbearable upstairs really bad acoustics. I had book three weeks in advance so I presumed we would have a table downstairs. Young staff knowledgeable and engaging . Food fantastic.

The Railway Club Hotel

Port Melbourne

Silvia dined on Sat, 13th Dec 2014 (9)

Only small gripe was they couldn't make a Whisky Sour. Our waitress was terrific though. Quite warm , staff were trying to get the aircon to work.



Silvia dined on Sat, 22nd Nov 2014 (10)

Faultess a must do.

Healesville Hotel


Silvia dined on Sat, 30th Aug 2014 (8)

Portions small for blokes re: Meat Casserole dish.

Marty @ Oakdene


Silvia dined on Sat, 23rd Aug 2014 (10)

Waiter had no hesitation in giving us extra bread when we asked. Tick!.

Stillwater at Crittenden


Silvia dined on Sat, 17th May 2014 (7)

very very slow with food to come out. They did apologise but we were absolutely starving. I think it took 20 mins for starter and a further 30 mins for main despite them know we ordered two of the lamb dishes which we were advised took 45 mins. On a previous occasion with a larger group we also ordered lamb and it took half the time.

Brunswick St Cider House


Silvia dined on Wed, 30th Apr 2014 (7)

Great menu. Sweet Potatoes Fries a must. Service slow considering the restaurants was quite empty. Menus inconsistent one menu offered the Meals that Heal others didn't one menu had a dessert menu that was two years out of date apparently. Toilet access non existent for people with disablity and not clearly marked as to where they are. Seats could you a few more cushions if you are going to seat people near the window. Disappointing that two popular items were not available. One a main course on a limited menu so you only had 3 others choices. Food when it arrived was really good .

Arcadia Gastronomique

Ascot Vale

Silvia dined on Tue, 28th Jan 2014 (9)

Very hot inside we were sweltering . Air con didn't reach us. Food, Service was great though.


Moonee Ponds

Silvia dined on Tue, 3rd Dec 2013 (10)

All round great lunch. Loved the "local's"at lunch too.!

Kent Hotel

Carlton North

Silvia dined on Sat, 30th Nov 2013 (10)

Impressive waitress noticed our dismay when we were surrounded by two very noisy loud groups. Children screaming etc. Whisked us away to a quiet table.

The Carlton Paragon Cafe

Carlton North

Silvia dined on Wed, 16th Oct 2013 (7)

Had "hot" specials menu so good value. Risotto though was very oily.

Terminus Hotel Fitzroy North

Clifton Hill

Silvia dined on Thu, 3rd Oct 2013 (8)

My Prosecco was flat the bar staff should have noted this The waitress we had initially (who was lovely and friendly) did notice it and commented so she swept it away after I took a sip. Quinoa Salad (shared plate) was recommended by our Waiter and he did ask how it was my dinner companion (who was looking forward ot it ) let him know it was over mayonnaised and I thought tasteless but he didn't say "oh I will mention it to the Chef or apologise as he rec it". On the plus side the Tofu dish and calamari oh and the choc pudding dessert were faultless.

Healesville Hotel


Silvia dined on Sat, 31st Aug 2013 (9)

My only criticism was what took the main course so long? We wait 30 mins. Dining room was not full. We arrived at 8pm. Main course after 9pm. Staff brilliant.

RST Seafood Restaurant (Richmond Seafood Tavern)

Fitzroy North

Silvia dined on Tue, 27th Aug 2013 (8)

The new waitress was fantastic in fact we didn't know if was her first night till end of our meal. Soft shell crabs were divine love them, second place goes to Crab Wellingtons whats not to like about them. We had Lemon Delicious for dessert and although it was a sponge as expected it didnt' matter the three of us nearly licked the plate (great vanilla bean ice cream too obviously not homebrand). The ONLY criticism we have Danny is your bread rolls they are ..well ... something you would find at Smorgy's or my local pub bistro in Lilydale.

Wayside Inn

South Melbourne

Silvia dined on Fri, 2nd Aug 2013 (9)

IF there was a criticism it would be not enough suckling pig . I am female and I did have a starter and dessert but was still hungry.

The Blue Room

South Melbourne

Silvia dined on Tue, 2nd Jul 2013 (8)

All Satisfactory (as in no complaints). Dips and Choc Dessert a standout.

RST Seafood Restaurant (Richmond Seafood Tavern)

Fitzroy North

Silvia dined on Fri, 21st Jun 2013 (7)

Young staff tried their best. Did not appreciate being asked FOUR times if I wanted another drink especially when we wanted to order there was know one is sight. One of the blackboard meals was not available (Stuffed Calamari) disappointing. Morton Bay Bugs were deep fried , I would have like to be told how they were done prior to ordering. I wanted to like the place especially as I was going to book it for my Mums Birthday and it was recommended by friends . Instead we have booked their competitor Rubira's.

The Black Toro

Glen Waverley

Silvia dined on Mon, 20th May 2013 (9)

I would have scored higher re food and drink but they did not have the glass of wine I asked for which is a bit slack .


Albert Park

Silvia dined on Sat, 18th Aug 2012 (9)


Marty @ Oakdene


Silvia dined on Sat, 17th Mar 2012 (10)

Nothing bad to say was fantastic

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