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Matteo's Melbourne


Lionel dined on Fri, 16th Mar 2018 (9)

Technically well executed food with attractive plating and robust flavours. Service is refined and polished. Definitely a gourmet keeper. Keep up the great work.

The Stables of Como

South Yarra

Lionel dined on Sun, 4th Mar 2018 (8)

Quaint venue for lazy Saturday or Sunday lunch with friends and family over simple food and drinks.

Charisma Workshop

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Fri, 2nd Mar 2018 (8)

Cozy cafe for breakfast with creative dishes and well made latte.


Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Fri, 27th Oct 2017 (8)

Excellent service. Cosy atmosphere for evening drinks and dinner.

Morris Jones


Lionel dined on Sat, 26th Aug 2017 (9)

The 3-course lunch menu consistently delivers creative and technically well executed contemporary Australian dishes with delicious flavour and textures at affordable prices for us. Service is personable and friendly.

Italian Pomodoro Sardo

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Wed, 23rd Aug 2017 (8)

Sardinian flavours coupled with friendly and personable service. We particularly enjoyed the robust clam flavours of the linguine and the fragrant suckling pig pieces.

The Joinery Elwood


Lionel dined on Tue, 22nd Aug 2017 (7)

Friendly service. Breakfast and lunch items were tasty and sizable portions.

Clever Polly's

West Melbourne

Lionel dined on Sun, 16th Jul 2017 (10)

This hole-in-the-wall venue was an excellent discovery. Top venue for a chef degustation accompanied by wine. The Japanese inspired and influenced cuisine is intelligently curated and technically well executed. Each dish has distinct flavour and textural profiles that create a gastronomic journey. The wine list offers an interesting mix of uncommon old and new world wines. Thanks to Chris for the personal and attentive service throughout the evening.



Lionel dined on Sat, 15th Jul 2017 (9)

Thanks to Fabio for the private room and dedicated waitress for our group set lunch. We appreciate the very friendly and attentive service. The atmosphere was conducive for get together and conversations. The set lunch with 2 courses and glass of wine was excellent value for money. Look forward to the next visit.


Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Tue, 11th Jul 2017 (8)

Service was attentive and personable. Empty glasses were refilled without asking. The Italian food was technically well executed and flavoursome in general but could use fresher ingredients in the case of the squid ink spagettini and toning down of salt on the calamari. Excellent selection of Italian wines. Cozy eatery with comfy booth seats but can get noisy at full covers.

Saint Urban


Lionel dined on Sat, 8th Jul 2017 (8)

Cozy venue with excellent service. Kitchen serves up technically well executed European-style dishes with balanced flavours.



Lionel dined on Fri, 7th Jul 2017 (9)

Excellent classic flavours at affordable prices accompanied by friendly service and cozy setting. Value for money set lunch and dinner deals.


St Kilda

Lionel dined on Wed, 5th Jul 2017 (7)

Friendly and casual atmosphere for get togethers. Drinks are affordably priced. Food is generally below $20 per dish but portions are small.


South Wharf

Lionel dined on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 (7)

Service and food quality were excellent. However we're not fans of pseudo Thai food flavours. The venue was busy with large groups and loud conversations.

Munich Brauhaus South Wharf

South Wharf

Lionel dined on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 (6)

The Bavarian beer remains our only attraction. The food was disappointing and standard had dropped. The pork knuckle was over-fried, dry and rough in texture and bland in taste. Gone was the housemade butter accompanying the pretzel. It was replaced with a small commercial wrapped version.

Gradi Crown


Lionel dined on Tue, 27th Jun 2017 (8)

Pizzas are the main attraction.


Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Mon, 26th Jun 2017 (9)

You know its a quality restaurant and top dining experience when the owner and chef (Philippe Mouchel) is greeting you and working the kitchen daily unlike celebrity chef restaurants where someone else is doing the cooking. Furthermore, Philippe's prices are reasonable and affordable for the high level of classic French technical execution , quality and flavours.

A Hereford Beefstouw - Melbourne

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Wed, 18th Jan 2017 (9)

Wonderful dining experience surrounded by Danish decor, cutlery and menu. Beef, entrees and house red score high on the menu. Service is friendly.


Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Sun, 15th Jan 2017 (7)

The main attraction was the live Flamenco dance and guitar music. It was excellent entertainment from 7.30pm to 10pm. A good venue for sipping on sangria, wine, beer and watching the performance. Food can be improved in both quality of flavours and quantity. It also flew out of the kitchen at top speed. Service is friendly.


St Kilda

Lionel dined on Tue, 10th Jan 2017 (8)

Very friendly service and tasty food

Kobe Jones Melbourne


Lionel dined on Mon, 9th Jan 2017 (8)

Friendly and prompt service. Instead of reheating the slightly medium-well grilled prawns, the kitchen served a new plate of well-done prawns. Thank you.


Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Sat, 17th Sep 2016 (6)

A good place for Hofbrau and Bavarian beers in a modern bier hall with live music and entertainment on Friday nights. Food is acceptable but flavours and portion sizes have diminished over time. Be prepared to spend on drinks and food.

La Bonta


Lionel dined on Sat, 3rd Sep 2016 (7)

The wine list and service are highlights of the establishment. There are rare vintages from around Victoria and quality vino from Italy but expect to pay the premium. Service is very personable and friendly. The food is reasonably priced but the flavours were hits and misses.

Shanghai Dynasty Restaurant

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Sat, 20th Aug 2016 (7)

The all-you-can-eat yum cha or dim sum with free flow of drinks at $29.80 per person remains good value for money. There's really not many restaurants with such an offer. You will have to discount the flavours of all items as some are hits and misses due to price. It is a good venue for group eats.



Lionel dined on Sat, 6th Aug 2016 (9)

The set lunch is good value with plenty to eat. Each dish was technically well executed, appealing to the eye and tasty to the bite. Only let down was the blandness of the slow cooked lamb shoulder. Wide selection of beverages to accompany the meal. Service was polite and prompt without being intrusive. The warm plates were a welcomed surprise.

Nevsky Russian Restaurant


Lionel dined on Sat, 23rd Jul 2016 (9)

This is the dining venue if I miss the flavours of Russia or for someone trying out Russian cuisine for the first time. The husband (chef) and wife (maitre'd) team is exceptional. Ingredients are housemade to be as true to the original dishes in St Petersburg as possible in Melbourne. Service is sincere, warm and friendly. The combination creates a very enjoyable place to dine and savour authentic Russian food and beverage. The tasting menus are an affordable way to sample the many dishes. Spasibo!

Lee Ho Fook

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Tue, 19th Jul 2016 (6)

Anyone visiting with any premonition of classical Chinese cooking and flavours will be disappointed. The restaurant applies modern cooking methods to certain Chinese dishes in an attempt to heighten specific flavours and textures. Beneficiaries include the egg, pork belly and holmbrae chicken. Unfortunately we did not appreciate the flavour profile of the lobster special and the fried rice was a bland afterthought. The end result definitely sits well with diners of fusion cuisine. Seating is tight due to the small space so be prepared to enjoy your neighbours' conversations.

La Camera Southgate


Lionel dined on Fri, 15th Jul 2016 (5)

The afternoon cake and coffee/tea set is good value. Unfortunately both cakes tasted factory-made, synthetic and sugary rather than onsite with fresh flavours. Credit to the manager for refunding the price of one of the cakes after a discussion about the over-sweetness.

Woodland House


Lionel dined on Fri, 15th Jul 2016 (8)

Lunch service was very personable, attentive, unobtrusive yet reactive within a matter of heart beats. The kind you expect from a well run establishment. Food was technically well executed and attention paid to detail. Flavours were more classic with use of quality produce. Thursday and Friday set lunches are affordable ways to taste test the kitchen and enjoy the elegant interiors of Woodland House.

Neighbourhood Wine

Fitzroy North

Lionel dined on Sun, 10th Jul 2016 (8)

The 3 course Sunday roast lunch offers excellent value. Each dish was flavoursome and portioned adequately. Service is friendly and helpful. Good selection of craft beers and European wines but be prepared to pay a bit more. Excellent venue for get together over food and drinks.

San Telmo

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Sat, 9th Jul 2016 (7)

This venue is appropriate for friends and family get togethers over a shared meal. The highlight is the grill and the food is flavoursome. The individual Asado platter is an affordable way to taste a variety of grilled meats. Portions are small for the price so be ready to ante up.

Copper Pot


Lionel dined on Sat, 25th Jun 2016 (8)

Lunch was excellent value. Technically well executed dishes with layers of flavour. Each dish and key ingredients was explained when served. Service was friendly but stretched by attention to all tables.

P.J. O'Brien's Irish Pub


Lionel dined on Fri, 24th Jun 2016 (7)

This is the place for Friday Happy Hour on steps, Guiness and live music. Service was friendly, polite and efficient despite the place being packed.

The Golden Gate Hotel

South Melbourne

Lionel dined on Thu, 23rd Jun 2016 (8)

The restaurant served up a good size portion of steak for $10. Happy Hour beer was equally satisfying for $5. Service was friendly and helpful. The space was clean, updated and comfortable for meal and drink.

Chez Olivier - Le Bistro


Lionel dined on Sat, 18th Jun 2016 (8)

A venue for classic French provincial dishes at reasonable prices. Kitchen and service are French. Good list of French wines. Food was rich, flavoursome and technically well executed. Exception was the salmon being overcooked and replacement was undercooked. The set lunch is excellent value.

The Botanical

South Yarra

Lionel dined on Wed, 15th Jun 2016 (6)

Happy hour wine and beer at $5 paired with live jazz in the bar was just what the doctor ordered for a relaxing Wednesday evening. That experience was made even sweeter with free wine tasting from a visiting wine producer. However disappointed with the taste and portion of the cheese burger and risotto in relation to the prices charged.

Morris Jones


Lionel dined on Sun, 12th Jun 2016 (9)

Technically well executed meals with variety of complementary flavours and textures in each dish. Service is very personable. Weekend set lunches are great value.


North Melbourne

Lionel dined on Thu, 9th Jun 2016 (7)

Great flavours at affordable prices. Service was friendly and helpful.

Shanghai Dynasty Restaurant

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Sat, 4th Jun 2016 (8)

Where else can you get such a wide spread of all-you-can-eat dim sum and hot pot items in Melbourne CBD? Plus service is very friendly and helpful.

Pei Modern

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Thu, 2nd Jun 2016 (8)

great place for a lunch meeting. affordable menu and friendly service.

Shanghai Dynasty Restaurant

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Sat, 14th May 2016 (7)

The weekend all-you-can-eat dim sum lunch remains great value. Wide selection of steamed and fried items from Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisine. Staff are still friendly and helpful despite the numerous orders. The restaurant does get crowded due to the popularity of the buffet lunch so book your table in advance.

The Hof Downtown


Lionel dined on Fri, 13th May 2016 (7)

Tasty bavarian food outside of bavaria. Portions are fairly large and can be shared by 2. Star dish was the pork knuckle It was well cured with thick and crispy skin. Excellent venue for bavarian beer especially hofbrauhaus'

South Wharf Meat Market

South Wharf

Lionel dined on Mon, 9th May 2016 (7)

The small order of charcuterie was an adequate sharing portion with a wider than usual selection of items. Beef ribs was equally good sized and tender to the fork. Porterhouse steak was cooked to medium rare perfection. Star was the jus that accompanied the steak. Robust flavours and consistency. Service was friendly and personable.

The Gallery @ Craig's Royal


Lionel dined on Sat, 7th May 2016 (5)

The hotel is on the visitor hot list but can't say the same for the restaurant after the change in chef and menu. The seafood linguine was swimming in a weak broth and the pasta was not al-dente. The fries that accompanied the porterhouse steak were limp. The prices were restaurant rates but the quality of cooking, taste and presentation were that of a cafe. Gone are the French and French-inspired dishes, replaced by that of an Australian bistro. Service during lunch was excellent. The team was friendly and personable.

Marroo Korean

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Sat, 23rd Apr 2016 (7)

The BBQ buffet dinner offered good value for money with a selection of beef, pork, chicken and even seafood. The meats were accompanied with Korean side dishes, potato noodles, soup and a soft drink for each person. We could re-order any of the items on the buffet menu. Only downside was the over-sweet and salty noodle sauce and Bulgogi seasoning. The service staff walked the room to help cook the meats and change the grills. Great place for families and friends to eat lots for one fixed price.

Morris Jones


Lionel dined on Sun, 3rd Apr 2016 (9)

The 3 course set lunch received top marks from most of our 16 diners. Excellent flavours, technical execution and plating with a touch of drama at dessert. Service was attentive and personable. Only needs minor tweaking of flavour combination and high touch to make the dining experience a 10/10. Compliments to the kitchen and front of house.

Italian Pomodoro Sardo

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Fri, 11th Mar 2016 (7)

The personable service was the highlight of our lunch. Our waiter was attentive, helpful and explained each of the 3 courses. The Sardinian food we received was ample, hearty, rustic and full flavoured. The braised baby goat can do with less salt in the broth and the seafood pasta needed fresher ingredients.

Bistro Guillaume Melbourne


Lionel dined on Wed, 9th Mar 2016 (7)

The 2-course lunch with wine is an affordable way to try out this French restaurant. The food was well executed but slightly heavy handed with the salt. Service was very efficient but robotic rather than personable. Overall, one of the better places to dine in Crown.

No. 8


Lionel dined on Fri, 4th Mar 2016 (9)

excellent melbourne food and wine express lunch menu. discuss were technically well executed. good flavours. adequate portions. attentive service.

The Quarter Cafe

Melbourne CBD

Lionel dined on Wed, 29th Jul 2015 (2)

latte was more like coffee milk. no rosetta. much better coffee for similar price at sensory labs, market lane etc. forget degraves street. poor example of top quality coffee in Melbourne

ZaZa's Cucina


Lionel dined on Sat, 18th Jul 2015 (8)

excellent place for good quality italian feed at reasonable prices

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