See if we’ve answered your question below. If not, please feel free to email us at or call on 1300 337 761.

+- How do I amend or cancel a Dimmi booking?

If you need to amend or cancel your booking you can do so using the ‘cancel’ link in your confirmation email and then simply rebook online with the new details. For last minute cancellations and amendments to your booking, we recommend that you contact the restaurant directly. Please note: Any rewards points that would have been earned for that booking, will not be applied to your account.


Please note that cancelling any Dimmi Reward booking made prior to August 1st may result in you losing the full $50 voucher as there have been changes made to our Rewards Program.

+- What do I do if my booking was incorrectly marked as a no-show / cancelled?

If you have made a booking that has incorrectly been marked as a no-show or cancelled, please send an email to, attaching a receipt as proof that you dined. 

+- I booked online but the restaurant didn’t have my booking. What now?

If the restaurant did not have your online booking recorded, please let us know by emailing, so that we can follow it up for you.

+- Do I need to attend the meal myself?

No, you can make the reservation for someone else (ie. your boss) and then claim the points for yourself. Please keep in mind that if you are leaving a review for the booking, it will need to be based on the diners experience and feedback.

+- When I try to book online, it says there is a problem with my reservation history. Why?

After Valentine's Day 2016 Dimmi introduced a feature that blocks diners who no-show, from booking at that restaurant again. Of course we understand that sometimes things happen that are out of your control, so if you would like to speak to a Dimmi representative about this and be unblocked please contact 1300 337 761 or

+- How many points do I require to qualify for a Dimmi Reward voucherl?

Once you earn 10,000 Reward Points, you are entitled to a Dimmi Rewards voucher to spend at select restaurants valued at $20.

+- How do I redeem my $20 voucher?

·         Login to your account.
·         Go to the ‘My Rewards’ section of your profile and make sure that your desired location has been selected. 
·         Once you have chosen a restaurant that you would like to use your voucher at, hit the orange ‘Redeem’ button.
·         Continue through the booking process like normal, ensuring that each page says “Redemption in progress”.
·         After you have confirmed your booking, keep an eye out for your confirmation email because this will have your $20 Rewards Voucher at the bottom.
·         Print out the confirmation email and take it with you when you dine! 

+- What is included in the Dimmi $20 voucher?

The $20 voucher entitles you to $20 off your food bill at any of our redemption restaurants. Please note that any beverages purchased, will need to be paid in full. 

+- What does my redemption voucher look like?

Your $20 Rewards Redemption Voucher will be attached to your Dimmi booking confirmation email. It will state **Dimmi Rewards Redemption** in both the ‘Requests’ and ‘Specials’ section of the email, and will also have a big blue ribbon at the bottom! If you do not see this in your confirmation email or if don’t receive the email at all, please be sure to get in contact with us as you may not have redeemed the voucher correctly.

+- Where can I use my redemption voucher?

Your voucher can only be used at our selected redemption restaurants. You can view these restaurants by going to the ‘My Rewards’ section of your profile. 

+- Are there limitations on when I can use the Dimmi Rewards voucher?

·         The Dimmi Rewards voucher can only be used for Lunch or Dinner.

·         The restaurant may choose to restrict the Dimmi Rewards voucher on public holidays and special event days (eg: Valentines Day, Mothers/Fathers Day). 

·         The Dimmi Rewards voucher cannot be used in association with any other deal, offer or promotion. This includes Entertainment book vouchers, discount vouchers from other companies or another Dimmi meal voucher.

·         It is at the restaurant's discretion as to whether they allow the Dimmi Rewards voucher to be used towards any fixed-price menus, or special set menus they have available when you dine. Please ask restaurant staff if you can use your Dimmi voucher, if you're wanting to order anything other than the usual A La Carte.

·         Only one Dimmi voucher can be used per booking / party.


+- How long do I have to use my Dimmi Rewards voucher?

Your ability to redeem your voucher is directly linked to your individual rewards points, which means that once your rewards points drop below 10,000 (due to them expiring, or prior redemption bookings), you will no longer be able to redeem your $20 voucher. 

+- How do I earn Dimmi Reward Points?

You can earn reward points, by simply doing the following;
Book: Make online booking via the Dimmi website or mobile App and dine at the restaurant (1000pts)
Review: Look out for your review email after you've dined, so that you can provide feedback (1000pts)

+- When are Reward Points issued to my account?

·         To claim your reward points when making your booking through you must be logged into your rewards account, or login at the end of the booking process.
·         Once you claim your reward points they are immediately allocated to your account as "pending".
·         Rewards points can take approximately 48 hours (from the date that you dine) to change from "pending" to "confirmed" status. 

+- Are Reward Points automatically recorded in my account?

As long as you’re using the same email address in your booking, to that of which your Rewards Account is linked to, your points will automatically be added to your account once you have completed the booking. 

+- Do I get Dimmi Reward Points for telephone or e-mail bookings?

No. Dimmi Reward Points are only available by booking online via Dimmi.

+- Where can I find my current points balance?

Your current points balance will be shown in the ‘My Rewards” section of your Dimmi Profile. Please note: Your points will appear as "Pending" until the validation date has passed, where they will then be added to your total ‘Confirmed Points’. 

+- Do I get Dimmi Reward Points for bookings made before signing up?

Yes, however your past bookings and points will only link up to your account if you have registered using the same email address, to that of which you made your bookings with. 

+- Do my Reward Points expire?

Yes, Reward Points will automatically expire 18 months* from the date that they are confirmed. To track your points and their expiry dates, please keep an eye on your booking history in your profile, or your points statements.

*Any points earned prior to April 1st, 2016, will fall under the previous 12 month expiration policy.

+- Are there any limitations to earning Reward Points?

Yes, Rewards Points will not be awarded for the following booking types;
·         Flash Special bookings and reviews
·         Dimmi Rewards Redemption bookings and reviews.
·         Bookings made through a Dimmi affiliate partner. 
·         Bookings made directly on the restaurants website, through the Dimmi booking button.

+- Can I combine various Rewards accounts that I have signed up to?

We can't merge accounts, however we can credit points from one account to the other. Just email us at, with both of your email address and which one you’d like to using moving forward and we’ll fix it up for you. 

+- I'm having trouble accessing my Rewards account. What do I do?

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your Dimmi Rewards account, please ensure that you are logging in via the correct link (, that you have the most up-to-date version of your browser installed on your computer and that you have javascript enabled. If the issue persists, please contact us via email at

+- What do I do if I just joined and I haven't been credited with points yet?

If you have just created a new Rewards Account and find that your past bookings have not carried across correctly, please let us know at

+- How do I update the email address linked to my Rewards Account?

To change the email address in your account, you just need to go to the ‘my details’ section of your profile.

+- How are Dimmi reviews different from other websites?

Dimmi reviews can only be left by diners who have booked through Dimmi and gone on to dine at the restaurant. By allowing only actual diners to leave ratings and reviews, we ensure our reviews are the most informative and real in the market.

+- Does Dimmi edit or modify reviews submitted?

To maintain the integrity of the feedback we receive, we do not edit or modify any review that has been submitted to us. 

+- Where will my review appear when published?

Your review will appear on the restaurants Dimmi listing on and may also be featured on our partner sites, such as Qantas Restaurants.

+- Can a restaurant or false diner publish unauthenticated reviews?

No, only customers who have booked through Dimmi are prompted to submit a review.

+- What should I do if I see a review that is inappropriate or offensive?

Dimmi reviews are checked prior to publishing, however if you still feel a review contains inappropriate or offensive content, please email us at with the details of the review in question and we will recheck it.

+- Will my name appear next to the review?

When you leave a review you are given the option of posting anonymously or with your name. If you choose to submit using your name, this will appear with your review and if you have a Dimmi Rewards Profile, your profile picture will be displayed also. 

+- How long after having dined do I have to submit the review?

You will need to submit your review within 2 months of your dining date. 

+- Why didn’t I receive my review email?

If you didn’t receive your review email, you will still be able to leave your review by logging into your account and going to ‘My Profile’. Please note; not all of the restaurants onboard with us have chosen to accept Dimmi reviews. If this is the case for the particular restaurant that you have booked, you will not receive the review email, nor will you be able to review through your account.

+- Why didn’t the review I submitted appear on Dimmi?

Reviews are checked prior to being uploaded to the Dimmi website to ensure they do not contain offensive language or inappropriate content. Your review may not have appeared yet if it is still going through this process or if we have deemed it unsuitable for publication.

+- What is the purpose of Dimmi Score & Reviews?

We've asked real diners to rate and review their restaurant experiences so you can get an unbiased view when choosing your next restaurant. By keeping the reviews real you know you're getting the most informative restaurant reviews in Australia.

+- How do Dimmi Flash Specials work?

Every Tuesday we will feature a restaurant that is offering 50% off your total food bill. This will be communicated on our Homepage and also through our weekly newsletters. If you make a Flash Special booking successfully, it will appear in the 'Specials' section of your booking confirmation email. Please note; the participating restaurant will only be bookable for a period of 7 days.

*Can't book your nominated date/time? The restaurant may have reached capacity for that day, which means you may need to try and book another day within the Flash period. If nothing is available at all, then the Flash special has sold out.

**If you wish to increase the number of diners after you've made your booking you must contact the restaurant directly to see if they can accommodate more people on the Flash Special. As covers are limited, they may not be able to offer the 50% discount to other diners that you wish to add to your table. If you cancel a Flash booking to rebook for more diners, you may not be able to book for a larger number if the restaurant has reached its limit for Flash bookings. We strongly suggest triple checking your booking details before you confirm the booking to ensure you all get your discount. 

Be sure to book as soon as possible to secure your preferred date/time to avoid disappointment.

+- What are the limitations to Flash Specials?

To view all restrictions and T&C’s of the Flash Specials, please head to