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See if we’ve answered your question below. If not, please feel free to email us at or call on 1300 337 761.

+- How do I amend or cancel a Dimmi booking?


Please cancel your booking as per below, and rebook for another day/time.

Alternatively you can contact the restaurant directly to amend a booking.  You will find their contact details in your confirmation email from Dimmi.


If you want to cancel your booking, please do so from your confirmation email.

If you are a Rewards member you can cancel a booking from your account. Expand a booking by clicking on blue arrow on the left hand side and you'll see a cancel button.

Both of these methods allow you to cancel your booking ahead of the dining date and will email both the restaurant and you of your cancellation. 

+- What is the purpose of Dimmi Score & Reviews?

We've asked real diners to rate and review their restaurant experiences so you can get an unbiased view when choosing your next restaurant. By keeping the reviews real you know you're getting the most informative restaurant reviews in Australia.

+- How can I submit a review for a restaurant?

Once you have booked with Dimmi and dined at your chosen restaurant, we'll send you an email asking for your review.  If you misplace the email & you're a Dimmi Rewards Member, you can access the review link through your Dimmi Rewards account.

+- Why didn’t the review I submitted appear on Dimmi?

Reviews are checked prior to being uploaded to the Dimmi website to ensure they do not contain offensive language or inappropriate content. Your review may not have appeared yet if it is still going through this process or if we have deemed it unsuitable for publication.

+- Does Dimmi share negative ratings & reviews?

Yes. Whilst we prefer constructive feedback, we will still publish negative reviews and ratings to ensure your experience is reflected in the Dimmi Score.

+- How are Dimmi reviews different from other websites?

Dimmi reviews can only be left by diners who have booked through Dimmi and gone on to dine at the restaurant. By allowing only actual diners to leave ratings and reviews, we ensure our reviews are the most informative and real in the market.

+- Does Dimmi edit or modify reviews submitted?

No, Dimmi does not edit reviews.

+- Where will my review appear when published?

Reviews appear on restaurant listings and may include a number of identifying features if you wish them to do so (e.g. your name). 

Your review will also be sent to the restaurant.

+- Can a restaurant or false diner publish unauthenticated reviews?

No, only customers who have booked through Dimmi are prompted to submit a review.

+- What should I do if I see a review that is inappropriate or offensive?

Dimmi reviews are checked prior to publishing however if you still feel a review contains inappropriate or offensive language, please email us at giving us a link to the review in question and we will check again.

+- Will my name appear next to the review?

When you leave a review you are given the option of posting anonymously or with your name or Facebook Connect details. 


If you want to remove your name or surname from a review, please email with all the details of your review, including restaurant name, dining date, details of your review, and whether you wish to remove your surname or full name so we can updte this for you. 

+- How long after having dined do I have to submit the review?

2 weeks.

+- How do Dimmi Specials work?

1. Make your booking during the 'Flash' period. The restaurant will be displayed on our homepage during this time.

2. You need to book one of the nominated dates and times*. These will be displayed when you click through to the restaurant's listing on our website in the box about the Special.

3. Ensure you've got the Special selected. There should be a tick in the box.

4. Make your booking. Cover numbers are limited, so ensure you check you're booking for the right number of diners!** 

5. Check your confirmation email. You should see details of the Special in your email from us. You might want to take a copy of the email with you, or keep it on your smartphone as the restaurant may ask to see this if they are busy.

6. Attend your booking and receive 50% off your total food bill.

7. Look out for your review email afterwards to leave your comments.


*Can't book your nominated date/time? The restaurant may have reached capacity for that day, try another day within the Flash period. If nothing's available then the Flash will have sold out! Oh no!

Be sure to book as soon as possible to secure your preferred date/time to avoid disappointment.

**If you wish to increase the number of diners after you've made your booking you must contact the restaurant directly to see if they can accommodate more people on the Flash Special. As covers are limited, they may not be able to offer the 50% discount to other diners that you wish to add to your table. If you cancel a Flash booking to rebook for more diners, you may not be able to book for a larger number if the restaurant has reached its limit for Flash bookings. We strongly suggest triple checking your booking details before you confirm the booking to ensure you all get your discount. 

+- What are the limitations to Dimmi Specials?

  • Your booking must be made during the 'Flash' period.
  • You must book the Special for a valid date/time in order to receive the discount.
  • The discount is only off the food bill. All drinks must be paid for in full.
  • The discount is 50% off the food bill unless specified otherwise.
  • The discount applies to food items from the a la carte menu only.
  • No BYO is to be used with a Dimmi Flash Special.
  • Specials aren't valid for bookings on public holidays, or other festival days such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day etc, even though you may still be able to put a Specials booking through on these days.
  • Dimmi Specials can only be made on and some of our selected partner websites. At the moment it's not possible to receive the Special discount if you book on our iPhone app.
  • If you book directly on the restaurant's own website you won't get the Special discount.
  • If you book by phone, or just walk in and ask for it, you won't receieve the Special  discount.
  • As of Aug. 1, you can no longer earn Reward Points for booking and reviewing a Dimmi Flash Special.
  • If you can't make a booking for your preferred date/time because the Flash special has reached capacity or sold out, please do not call the restaurant to ask for the discount, 50% off Flash Specials can only be obtained by booking online through Dimmi.
  • Additional restrictions (such as 'excludes Beef Cheeks') may also apply to the Special, this will be noted in the Special info displayed in the details box.
  • The 50% discount will only be given to the number of diners booked in the confirmation email. If you wish to add diners to your dining party you must contact the restaurant directly to see if they can accommodate; please be aware they may have reached capacity for the Flash Special so may not be able to offer the discount to extra guests, or they may be fully booked and not able to seat extra diners. 
  • Please click on 'more info' on the Special to see our full Specials & Deals restrictions.

+- How many Reward Points do I receive for submitting a review?

Diners receive 1,000 Dimmi Reward Points for a restaurant booking and a further 1,000 Points for leaving a review (the number of points is subject to change). Book and review four times and earn a free meal to the value of $50. Please note, you will not receive Rewards Points for reviewing a flash booking. For Redemption bookings and reviews, you will not receive Reward Points. 

+- Will I receive points for booking the Flash Special?

No, as of the 1st of August 2015, you will no longer receive points for booking or reviewing a Flash Special.

+- What info is shared if I connect my Dimmi account with Facebook?

We share general activity with your friends to help you and your friends leverage off each others' dining experiences - the good and the bad! We typically share information on your restaurant choices, reviews, ratings and your favourite restaurants. If you wish to stop this at any time, simply disconnect your Facebook Account from your Dimmi Profile.

+- How do I correct a booking marked as a no-show / cancellation?

If you have made a booking which is incorrectly marked as a no-show or cancellation then please send an email to attaching a receipt as proof that you dined.

To see our full Review Guidelines please visit

+- How do I earn Dimmi Reward Points?

You can earn Dimmi Reward Points in three ways:

BookingsSimply make an online booking via the Dimmi website or mobile app, dine & pay for your meal.

Sharing: Once you have made a booking, share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter to earn bonus points.

Reviewing: Look out for your review email which you'll receive after you've dined so you can provide feedback about your experience and earn more points.

Connecting: You'll also earn points by linking your Dimmi account to Facebook, enabling you to share your dining experiences with your friends and add a face to your reviews.

Look out for your review email which you'll receive after you've dined so you can provide feedback about your experience and earn more points.

If you are using the Dimmi website, you must log in at the end of the booking process to claim your rewards points - why not stay logged in on all the time to make sure you don't miss any points! (Only if it's not a shared computer!)

+- How many points do I earn?

Booking: 1,000 points each time you make a booking at a Dimmi partner restaurant.

Sharing: 100 points each time you share your booking via Facebook/Twitter (once per booking).

Reviewing: 1,000 points for completing your review.

Connecting: 1,000 points for connecting your Dimmi account to Facebook.

+- Do I need to attend the meal myself?

No. You can make the reservation for someone else (ie. your boss) and then claim the points for yourself. Please note that you will not be able to make a review in this instance.

+- How many points do I require to qualify for a free meal?

Once you earn 8,000 Reward Points (8 bookings, or 4 bookings and 4 reviews) you are entitled to a free meal valued at $50.

+- When are Reward Points issued to my account?

To claim your reward points when making your booking through you must be logged into your rewards account or login at the end of the booking process.

  • Once you claim your reward points they are immediately allocated to your account as "pending".
  • Rewards points can take approximately 45 days (from the date that you dine) to change from a "pending" to "confirmed" status. You will generally see the change take place around the middle of the following month.
  • No points will be awarded if you do not dine in the restaurant due to a cancellation or no-show.  

+- What happens if I cancel or am unable to attend a reservation?

  • No reward points will be awarded for cancellations or no-shows.
  • If you call the restaurant to change an online reservation that reservation may no longer qualify for rewards points.
  • Rewards points will not be credited to your account if you are unable to attend. Please be aware of this when booking as you may forfeit your $50 rewards voucher.

+- Where can I find my current points balance?

Your current points balance is available by logging into your account at Note that your points will appear as "Pending" until the validation date has passed (which is on or around the 15th of the month immediately following your dining date) and will be transferred to Earned at this time.

+- How do I redeem my free meal?

  • 1. Login to your account.
  • 2. Click "My Rewards"
  • 3. Choose the region you wish to book in
  • 4. Click the orange 'redeem' button next to the restaurant that you would like to book
  • 5. Follow the booking process like normal
  • 6. Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email like normal and on this it will state it is a rewards redemption booking.
REQUESTS: **Dimmi Rewards Redemption**
SPECIAL: Rewards Redemption
  • Print your voucher confirmation email and take it with you when you dine, as the restaurant will need a copy of your booking ID.

+- Are Reward Points automatically added to my account?

Reward Points are automatically added only when you have made a booking using the Dimmi website or mobile app and you are logged in to your account.

If you are not logged in to your account on the Dimmi website or mobile app, you'll be prompted to login after booking to claim the points.

If you have made a booking at one of our partner websites or participating restaurant websites, and have already signed up as a Rewards member your points will go into your account automatically.

If you make a booking and then sign up as a Rewards member afterwards, the points will be in your account, but won't display in your first confirmation email. 

Log into your account on the Dimmi website to see your account balance at anytime.

+- What if I forget or I’m unable to claim the points from my booking?

If you complete the review and the restaurant confirms your attendance to the booking then you may be awarded points for your booking. 

Please email with your booking ID and ask for a credit on your account. 

+- Do I get more reward points for larger group bookings?

No. The reward points are based on bookings not the number of people in the dining party.

+- What is included in the Dimmi free meal voucher?

The Dimmi meal voucher entitles you to a $50 discount at a selection of redemption restaurants. The meal voucher can be used on food only. Any beverage spend must be paid for in full.

If you spend less than $50 no change will be given, if you spend more than $50 you must pay the difference. 

+- Where can I use my redemption voucher?

Your voucher can only be used at our selected redemption restaurants. You can view these before you make your redemption booking on the following link.

+- Are there limitations on when I can use the Dimmi free meal voucher?

  • The Dimmi meal voucher can only be used for Lunch or Dinner.
  • The Dimmi meal voucher cannot be used on public holidays, Valentine's Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, other special/festival days or the Christmas period, even though you may be able to put a booking through on these dates.
  • The Dimmi meal voucher cannot be used in association with any other deal, offer or promotion, including Entertainment book vouchers, discount vouchers from any other companies, or another Dimmi meal voucher (only one per table / booking). 
  • The Dimmi meal voucher is only valid for redemption if you have made a booking with the restaurant from within your Rewards account.
  • Only one Dimmi voucher can be used per booking / party.
  • It is at the restaurant's discretion whether they allow the Dimmi Rewards voucher to be used towards any fixed-price menus, or special set menus they have available when you dine. Please ask restaurant staff if you can use your Dimmi voucher if you're wanting to order anything other than the usual A La Carte. 

+- How long do I have to use my meal voucher?

  • You'll need to use it on the date and time you selected when making a booking. You'll be able to make your booking up to 3 months in advance.
  • If you need to change the date/time, please contact the restaurant directly and let them know you have a Rewards voucher, quote the booking ID and ask if it's possible for them to change the date/time.
  • Check your oldest booking/review as your points will begin to expire after your points have been in your account for 12 months. 

+- Do I get Dimmi Reward Points for telephone or e-mail bookings?

No. Dimmi Reward Points are only available by booking online via Dimmi.

+- Do I get Dimmi Reward Points for bookings made before signing up?

  • Bookings and reviews made in the last 3 months will be visible in your account.
  • Older bookings/reviews won't display in your account.
  • Ensure you're using the same email address that you've used for past bookings when you sign up!

+- Can I combine various Rewards accounts that I have signed up to?

  • We can't merge accounts. If you have more than one we suggest you use one account until you have enough points to claim a free meal and then switch to your preferred account.

+- Is there a minimum booking size required to qualify for Reward Points?

Yes. Reward points are only available for bookings of two or more people.

+- Do my Reward Points expire?

  • Yes, Reward Points automatically expire 12 months from the date of earning if they have not be used prior to this time. 
  • Reward Points will also expire if your account has been inactive for a period of 12 months. If you do not make and honor a reservation within this timeframe, your points will expire.
  • Check the date of your oldest booking/review as your points will begin to expire (oldest first) 12 months after this date.

+- Are there any limitations to earning Reward Points?

  • Yes, Reward Points may not be earned on any booking where you use any sort of voucher / coupon.
  • Points are not awarded for a Dimmi Rewards redemption booking.
  • As of the 1st of August 2015, you will no longer receive points for booking or reviewing a Flash Special.
  • Points will not be allocated if you book via a Dimmi affiliate partner or through a restaurant's website

+- I'm having trouble accessing my Rewards account. What do I do?

  • If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your Dimmi Rewards account please try the following:

1. Update your browser
2. Make sure javascript is enabled
3. Do a hard refresh on the Dimmi website (usually ctrl + F5 if you're using Windows)
4. Try clearing the cookies from

+- How do I amend a booking?

  • You will need to contact the restaurant directly to notify them of any amendments to your booking. This includes redemption bookings.

+- I booked online but the restaurant didn’t have my booking. What now?

  • Dimmi partner restaurants are required to honor the guaranteed booking we help them generate. You will need to explain this to the restaurant and they will accommodate you.

+- What do I do if I just joined and I haven't been credited with points yet?

  • Please allow up to 24 hours for your Rewards account to display your first booking.
  • If it's not there, please email with your booking ID and let us know it's not in you're account. 

+- I forgot my password/email address when making my booking. Can I claim points for this booking?

  • No you can only receive Rewards Points when you sign in and claim the points with your unique email and password.

+- What does my redemption voucher look like?

It looks similar to a usual confirmation email.


A rewards voucher will contain text in the Requests AND Special section of the email, as indicated above.


We suggest printing a copy to take with you, as some redemption restaurants like to keep these for their records. 

You should always keep a record of the booking ID on your voucher as the restaurant will want this so they can match it in their system. 

+- Do I get Dimmi Reward Points for making a Private Dining Enquiry?