Use Alexa to Open Dimmi and Instantly Book at over 4,000 Restaurants

Alexa is making it even easier to make a restaurant reservation with Dimmi. With the Dimmi skill, you can find and book a table at more than 4,000 restaurants across Australia.

To get started, just say “Alexa, open Dimmi.” Alexa will connect you to Dimmi and she will ask you for the name of the restaurant you would like to book. Give her your preferred date, time and number of people and she will find you the best options. If you are happy, Alexa will confirm the reservation for you, right on the spot. You’ll need to have a Dimmi account to make a reservation, but this is super easy.

The first time you use Dimmi with Alexa, she will send a card to your phone asking for you to create an account or use an existing account. You only need to do this once, then she’ll remember you, just like a great concierge.

"Alexa, ask Dimmi to..."

Don't know where to go?
Alexa will help you discover and book the hottest restaurants in your area!

Rebook at your favourite spot.
Alexa can instantly book you a table at your favourite restaurant!

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