Dinner and a show. Where to go for a pre-theatre feast in Melbourne

Image: Fatto, Melbourne

Melbourne is a city centered around art, theatre and sport. Locals and travellers alike come from miles around to experience this cultural epicenter - and let’s face it if you’ve been working hard on your arts and culture you’re bound to get hungry! Thankfully, Melbourne has a whole chorus line of dining options for all these art and theatre goers to choose from.

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A-Lone Ranger in Melbourne

Anti-Valentine's unite! 
If you're totally not into the whole Valentine's Day thing don't worry, we've got some venues that are guaranteed to be free of loved up couples and all that mushy stuff.

Scroll down to see our perfect anti-Val venues...

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High Roller Romeo in Melbourne

High Roller Romeo's are all about splashing the cash. They want to spoil their Valentine rotten with glorious food, a delicious glass of champers and a sparkly gift or two. 

Here are some venues where Romeo can get his romance on. 

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