World Whiskey Day invites everyone to try a dram (that’s a measure of whiskey for those of you who don’t know) and celebrate the aptly named ‘water of life’. Events are taking place all over the world, and if you’re keen to get out and celebrate we’ve got some ideas.

From excellent food pairings to some awesome whiskey based cocktails, we’ll ensure that you’ve got something to cheers to this National Whiskey Day (third Saturday of May).


What goes well with whiskey?


Pair smoky or spicy Scotch whiskies with with strong and stinky cheeses - it will cut through the bit nicely. With sweeter brews go with a soft cheese like brie or Camembert. Or you could go the whole hog and order up a big old cheese platter! Here are some great spots for cheese. 

The Potting Shed (NSW) + Stinking Bishop (NSW)
Grace Darling (VIC) + Dr Morse (VIC)
The Standard (WA)
Claret House Wine Bar (QLD)


Whiskey goes beautifully with chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Think a rich triple chocolate praline tart, or a silky smooth chocolate mousse. Even a bitter chocolate jelly or a warm chocolate fondant… yep you guessed it, we’re chocoholics. Pair your choccy treat with a full-bodied rich whiskey and you’re laughing. Discover excellent dessert spots here.

Smokey stuff

Smoky, sticky stuff generally goes well with whiskey too. Why not try some rich smoked pork ribs? Or how about some smoked oysters or smoked duck. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find something smoky and sticky on a pub menu. Click here to discover great pubs near you and go all out!

Sweet cocktail combos

Whether you like it on the rock, neat or mixed, whiskey is the king of classic cocktails! We love ourselves a good Don Draper-style Old Fashioned, a Manhattan or even a sweet dessert style cocktail... let's have them all! Here are four banging whiskey based cocktails to try. 

Della Hyde (NSW)
Hey Honey - Jameson, Pomegranate & Honey, Lemon, Sea Salt

Garden of Good and Evil (VIC)
Apple Pie - Cinnamon infused Whiskey, vanilla liqueur, apple juice and an egg white.

Laneway Lounge (WA)
Smoked chocolate Sazerac - Bulleit Rye Whiskey + dark cacao, Peychard Bitters, house made smoked bourbon chocolate, served straight up with a chocolate scented smoke.

Bourbon Street (QLD)
Bourbon Tea Party - Bourbon, fresh mint, apple juice, lemon and maple syrup, swizzled with ice and served in a tea pot!