Dimmi Specials

Tell me more about Dimmi Specials


Tell me about Dimmi Specials


Offered exclusively to our best partner restaurants, Dimmi Specials are designed to bring you more diners, more often - an off-peak marketing tool to enable yield management of tables when they need to be filled.


What's 'yield management'? In many industries such as air travel and accommodation, yield management is used to increase profits. The principle - keep your prices at a premium when there's plenty of demand, but lower those prices for periods of low demand to create incremental revenue.



Information on Flash Specials

A Flash Special promotes your offer intensively for a one week period.


Frequency: One per week per state

Discount: 50% off total food order only

Cost: Standard booking fee only


- Homepage feature all day Tuesday - Monday

- Top feature in weekly email newsletter to tens of thousands of foodies

- Prioritised to the top of the search results page

- Featured on the Specials landing page

- Featured on the Dimmi Booking Network including Urbanspoon and Eatability




Unlike group buying, Dimmi Specials puts restaurants first:

  • Encourages incremental revenues, as only food is discounted
  • No large commissions, just our standard booking fee
  • Specials can be limited to off-peak days and times
  • Choose the number of Specials available each day
  • Get paid at the time of dining, not months later
  • Bookings managed online, reducing time on the telephone and building your database.
  • Get access to the Dimmi foodie database and encourage repeat diners
  • Be promoted across the Dimmi Booking Network, including on sites such as Urbanspoon, Eatability and yourRestaurants

Dimmi in Go Hospitality




"Group buying sites can do more harm than good for restaurant owners... With the launch of Dimmi Specials the Australian restaurant industry just got a step closer to improving its profitability." Read article



Where do I start?

If your Dimmi Score is above 7.5 and you are interested in setting up a Dimmi Special to promote your business, simply call your account manager today to enquire about a slot in our marketing schedule or email us at sales@dimmi.com.au.


Tell me about Dimmi Specials


What restaurants are saying

Restaurant Two on Dimmi Specials

Restaurant Two - Brisbane

"Doing a Dimmi Flash deal is a great way to expose your business to new customers and keep busy during the quieter times, without the hassles of dealing with voucher companies. 

In addition to the growth in our marketing database, we were able to increase our mid-week occupancy by an average of 80% during the promotion, with 3 in 4 diners paying our normal prices." Jessica Pugh, Events Manager



Parma on Dimmi Specials

Parma - Sydney

"In just 24 hours, our Dimmi Special attracted hundreds of new diners to our restaurant and generated over $10,000 of incremental revenue during off-peak days. That's hundreds of new diners and thousands of dollars in extra revenue that we would never have seen. You can't beat that! It's a no-brainer."

Stanley Awraham, Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I run a Dimmi Special?

Offered exclusively to our best partner restaurants, Dimmi Specials are designed to bring you more diners, more often. Dimmi Specials will help you increase your profits by allowing you to keep your prices at a premium when there's plenty of demand, but lower those prices for periods of low demand to create 'incremental revenue'.


What do I need to do to run a Dimmi Special?

Setting up Dimmi Specials is straightforward. Simply inform us that you want to run a Flash Special, agree to a timeframe that the Special will run for, sit back and watch the bookings flood in. Specials bookings are clearly indicated in the emails you receive from us and in Restaurantdiary.


What does Dimmi charge to promote my Special?

Nothing. The only cost you will incur is our standard booking fee for diners that we send you. 


What exposure will I get from running a Dimmi Special?

How you will benefit from promoting your Flash Special:

- Homepage feature all day Tuesday - Monday

- Top feature in weekly email newsletter to tens of thousands of foodies

- Prioritised to the top of the Dimmi search results page

- Featured on the Dimmi Specials landing page

- Featured on the Dimmi Booking Network including Urbanspoon and Eatability


When will I get paid?

The diner will pay you as usual after dining, after allowing for the 50% discount.


How many Special diners am I likely to attract?

We can't guarantee the amount of Special diners that you will be receiving however you will determine the maximum number you can accommodate on each day or service and we'll do our best to fill your tables. In addition to the extra diners, you'll be receiving incremental exposure and will be building your brand.


How frequently do you run your Specials?

We run one Flash Special per week per state. 


How much of a discount am I required to make?

- A Flash Special involves a 50% discount off food.


What are the terms and conditions that diners accept when making Specials bookings?

1) Dimmi Specials are only available when selecting the nominated Special.
2) Bookings for Dimmi Specials are essential and subject to availability, Dimmi Specials are not available on public holidays or other festivals/events. 
3) Dimmi Specials cannot be redeemable for cash. 
4) Dimmi Specials cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, coupon, voucher or offer. 
5) Should the party arrive more than 15 minutes late, the restaurant has the right to cancel the reservation. 
6) Dimmi Specials offer a percentage discount of 50% off which applies to the food bill only and not to drinks/beverages. 
7) Where an expected leave time applies (i.e. 5:00pm - 7:30pm) the restaurant will require the table back at this time.

Status - Pending

When you book with Dimmi we award you Dimmi Rewards points which remain pending until after your dining experience is complete. Please allow up to 45 days after your dining experience for points to be transferred from Pending to Earned.